Car Sales – Brazil – April 2022: FIAT Pulse focuses on the platform

Car Sales – Brazil – April 2022: FIAT Pulse focuses on the platform

In April 2022, sales of new cars in Brazil contributed a total of 109,684 units. The number of registered vehicles which, compared to those obtained in the same period last year, represents a decrease of 13.93%. FIAT Pulse has become one of the best models in the market that continues to decline.

Brazilian car market continues to report negative data. In the month of April 2022
yes car sales in Brazil they have arrived 109,684 units. The number of registrations which, compared with that harvested in the same period last year, translates to a 13.93% decrease.. If we look at the March data, we will see that the decline is controlled.

As for the sales figures collected, it is also negative. And that is, in the intermediate period In January and April, new vehicle registrations collected 410,114 units, down 22.35%. than in 2021. The stock crisis in traders due to the global shortage of microchips and uncertainty are decisive factors.

The Hyundai HB20 became the best-selling car in Brazil in April 2022

Hyundai HB20, the best-selling car in Brazil in April 2022

What are the best examples? The a list of the best-selling cars in Brazil During April, it offers many changes related to previous versions of this monthly submission list. The The victory has been for the Hyundai HB20, a model that has managed to expose itself to its main competitors. In second place is FIAT Mobi who, once again, has returned to fight for first place.

The third place went to Chevrolet Onix. By the time the stock issues of this model were resolved, it quickly returned to the top of the table. At the gates of the podium we have the FIAT Pulse. The small FIAT SUV continues to climb the ladder and is ready to fight for top positions. Furthermore, it has passed a model based on it, FIAT Argo (5).

At the other end of the scale we have models like the Volkswagen T-Cross (8th) that have lost several positions and are, of course, one of the biggest disadvantages of all these changes. However, in the assembly rank he remains on the podium.

The Volkswagen T-Cross goes back several times. In the collected rank, he is still on the podium

sales for example

The best-selling cars in Brazil are:

sales by brand

The registrations reached by the developers in Brazil are:

List of popular car brands among Brazilian drivers also offers new features. FIAT has regained leadership and is taking a very important victory. Chevrolet dropped to second place and, closing the podium, in third place, we have Hyundai.


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