Capital gains tax: towards a referendum?

Capital gains tax: towards a referendum?

The project to impose a special tax on high profits is still being discussed within French political groups. The latest idea: that of a referendum, proposed by the Socialist Party.

For several months now, the idea of ​​a special tax on high profits is being discussed in France. A project that follows these principles has been studied in the National Assembly and in the Senate. This notwithstanding, many are particularly opposed to it.

It’s not enough to cool left-wing groups. In fact, The Socialist Party has only proposed the idea of ​​a joint initiative referendum on the subject. The measurement required the support of 185 deputies and senators, but also 4.7 million voters. NUPES also has launched a petition in this context. The latter has already collected tens of thousands of signatures.

They are also based on the fact that several countries have already implemented the measure. Let’s quote it like that Italy, Greece, England, Spain and even Romania. Germany is also preparing to take action on the unique tax.

TotalEnergies or Engie targeted by the capital gains tax?

Such a move would directly target entities such as Total Energy or Engie. These people are profiting from the war in Ukraine and the increase in the price of the goods they sell. improve their margins.

Thus, Jumla did a net profit of $5.7 billion in the second quarter of this year. This despite the new clause (total set aside in the company’s income statement to anticipate payment) of 3.5 billion dollars. Net income shown, of 9.8 billion dollars, was on his side multiplied by three in 12 months. It also tripled over half a year, 18.8 billion dollars.

“The impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on energy markets has continued, analyzed the CEO of TotalEnergies, Patrick Pouyanné. In fact, the price of oil was high 110 dollars per barrel on averagemore than a quarter ».

To end the controversy, TotalEnergies has introduced a discount at the pump of 20 euro cents per liter. The latter will last until November, before increasing to 10 cents by the end of the year. It should represent a a deficit of about half a billion euros.

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