Canadian Grand Prix |  Mercedes’ Toto Wolff: “We are all trying to be as positive as possible”

Canadian Grand Prix | Mercedes’ Toto Wolff: “We are all trying to be as positive as possible”

Lewis Hamilton’s results this season are not what everyone expected. But the seven-time world champion remains “in good shape, very motivated and strong”. A word from Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

Posted on June 17

Katherine Harvey Pinard

Katherine Harvey Pinard

The first free practice session had ended on Friday when Toto Wolff took about 15 minutes to sit down with some representatives of the Canadian media, including. Media. The 50-year-old answered every question, in English and French, although the song session did not go as he would have liked.

The car was, by his own admission, “a box of shit [shit box], a big box of shit”. “The pilots are complaining. That’s why I don’t laugh so much,” he added softly.

This sentence only came at the end of the interview. He hid his displeasure very well.

Not surprisingly, the physical condition and performance of Lewis Hamilton was at the center of the discussion. The Englishman is struggling to get used to his new car and has suffered from sexual problems since the start of the season. It currently stands at 6e rank in the drivers’ standings with 62 points, 21 less than the one in front of him, Carlos Sainz Jr.

“We are all trying to be as positive as possible. At the same time, we have to be realistic. Now I don’t see a decline in ideas [chez Lewis] said Wolff.

Another Mercedes driver, George Russell, has adapted better to his new single-seater. He beat Hamilton in every race except the first. But according to the team manager, the two drivers have the same level of performance. And the spirit is not in competition in the stable.

Photo Olivier Jean, JOURNALISTS

george russell

” [Lewis et George] they are very good for each other. Communication is direct between them. They wonder: did you feel the same in turn 3? We’re all pulling in the same direction back, to have a car that’s going fast. Right now, they are not fighting each other. It’s free.

“On the circuit, in terms of time, we are the third team. We have to go back to the front, and then we can better understand the battle between the two in terms of who is ahead. We don’t think so at the moment. »

“It scares me”

Last Sunday in Baku, Lewis Hamilton had trouble getting out of his car due to severe back pain. On Friday morning, during the meeting of the pilots, he confirmed that “it is necessary[ait] more time” to recover from racing this year.

Photo Olivier Jean, JOURNALISTS

Lewis Hamilton

When asked about the current state of his star driver in the hours before qualifying, Toto Wolff said he was doing better.

“He got all the treatment he could get with his little angel, Angela [Cullen, sa physiothérapeute]. But there is a problem with the back and muscles. There is also a brain problem because it has microconcussions. So far, it’s something we can control, but we don’t know the long-term results. »

“I, it scares me, he continued. I am responsible for the drivers, and if there are medical consequences due to the regulations, something must be done. I am not trying to get performance, far from it. It is more about understanding what makes all the drivers complain, even the Red Bull drivers. For anyway, [Sergio] Perez. »

Recall that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) confirmed on Thursday that it will intervene to reduce fraud.

“We all have to work together, with the FIA, to find a solution,” added Wolff.

two enthusiasts

Since his first victory in Montreal in 2007, Lewis Hamilton has been a motorsport legend. Nothing less. He has an amazing total of 183 podiums and 103 victories in 296 Grands Prix. He has nothing more to prove. A little like Toto Wolff, who, when he arrived in 2013, made Mercedes the biggest team it has been for several years.

What motivates them to continue? we asked the old man.

“It’s easy to answer: we love sports! he launched without the slightest hesitation. We love a chrono that never lies. You are good or bad. No lies, no excuses.

“In business, politics, you can find excuses and arguments to explain why it didn’t work and why it was someone else’s fault. Here it is clean. That’s what we like. »