Can you guess the specialty of this Dacia Duster?

Can you guess the specialty of this Dacia Duster?

It seems banal, this Dacia Duster hides a special feature reserved for the English market. Can you guess?

The Dacia Duster recently received a new logo for the brand and some additional accessories for the occasion. But that does not interest us today. At the height of summer, Dacia reveals some pictures of the new version, which is specific to the English market. However he does not come out.

The Romanian manufacturer reveals through its UK branch this Duster with a normal appearance, but which nevertheless has a special configuration inside. The SUV is being transformed into a two-seater utility vehicle, intended for professionals. This transformation of a private car into a corporation is very common in the UK, and therefore Dacia offers a ready-made car in its sale. In France, you have to go through a trainer like Durisotti instead.

Maximum loading

Duster Commercial sees His back seat removed, for trunk volume. This will increase to 1,623 litres, against 1,485 liters in the standard Duster when the bench seat is folded down. The trunk provides a load of 503 kg. The cargo area is separated from the passenger compartment by a grille. It has a wooden floor covered with a gray carpet-like coating, it should last for a while despite heavy use. Several anchor points allow the load to be tied down. It is also safe thanks to the opaque side and rear windows and a special rear shelf, as well as an alarm.

Under the hood, standard Duster engines get the job done: Two TCE 90 bhp and TCE 150 bhp petrol units and one 115 bhp Blue dCi diesel. The diesel engine can be equipped with all-wheel drive, while the petrol units are only available in 4×2. As usual, the Duster has a six-speed manual gearbox, except for the TCe 150 hp which is linked to a six-speed EDC automatic transmission.

This UK-only Duster is available in two trims: Essential or Expression. Available from £13,995 excluding VAT (€16,727) or £17,734 including VAT (€21,195).

Photo: Dacia UK.

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