California offers ,000 to those living without a car

California offers $1,000 to those living without a car

The state of California is trying to get its residents to give up cars with a $1,000 tax subsidy, depending on income conditions.

A few days after the impressive announcement of the abandonment of the combustion engine in 2035, the State of California goes further by announcing a tax credit of 1,000 dollars for residents who abandon their private cars. Details.

The United States, a country very attached to cars, is trying to phase them out. Some states go further than others, such as California which has more electricity than most states. The head of the region wants encouraging its residents to change their lifestyle, using public transport more often instead of their own car.

A difficult equation

Despite everything, American cities are very readable by car as it is difficult to reach two points by public transport, except in the main station where the metro works. And this action seems rather to focus on ordinary incomes, who do not live in the center but on the outskirts … and therefore depend on their car!

The original idea was to offer a $2,500 credit to any California taxpayer without a car, regardless of income. After several discussions and revisions, the conditions were revised. The bill proposes a $1,000 tax credit for single filers earning up to $40,000 a year living without a personal vehicle, or up to $60,000 for two people. Because tax credits are refundable, residents can claim the full amount even if they don’t owe $1,000 in taxes.

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