calendar of innovations until 2025

calendar of innovations until 2025

Futures Renault: calendar of new products until 2025 – The experience gained for more than ten years in terms of zero-emission mobility (Zoe, Mégane E-Tech) pushes Renault to increase this change towards the electrification of its international systems, not forgetting to maintain in the list the most important products sold. thermals to ensure these changes. The latter will focus above all on developing their diversification in the coming years.

New Renault in 2022

After the launch of Megane E-tech Electricwhich takes place at this time, Renault intends to take revenge for the Peugeot 3008 next season, and New Austral, replacing the Kadjar. To achieve this, the visitor pays special attention to its interior and its digital equipment, while the engines increase the mix (light, classic and rechargeable), on a technical basis. of the third Nissan Qashqai opus. In turn, the total electricity will be used for corporate vehicles by the end of the year, and the introduction of New Kangoo and Electric Trafic E-Tech. The younger of the two should take the opportunity, by the way, to reveal the long dialect of his body.

New Renault in 2023

Next year you should give pride of place Clio and Captur facelifts. The latter, which is already available with a rechargeable hybrid, will probably increase the capacity of its battery to benefit from a better 100% electrical independence. But the two city cars will be revisiting its exterior styling to ensure it blends in with the latest in-house offerings. the same year, Austral will turn into a coupe take a theoretical position, and earlier than expected, the current Arkana, when a 7 seater variant long wheels will also be present. Clearly aimed at the Peugeot 5008, it could adopt that name Grand Austral… or Space, according to some rumors in the hallway. Finally, the hydrogen-powered concept car that Renault will unveil next May could find a series program, in the course of 2023, in Compact SUV, a larger model than the electric Mégane. But it will be powered by electricity.

New Renault in 2024

Guarantor of the promise made in 2021, Renault will relaunch its icon from the seventies: the Renault 5. Completely defined in terms of style, it will be driven exclusively by an electric legend and will try to show a competitive price, under €20,000, to stay true to its image as a popular car. This future R5 will be able to claim the Origine France Garantie label by being assembled at the Douai factory. parallel, The current Mégane could receive a second faceliftto expand its work, while a large electric SUV, based closely on the Nissan Ariya, can see the light of day to research the 2020 Renault Morphoz.

New Renault models in 2025

Another story on four wheels was to see the light of day the following year, and announced the return of 4L. The concept car may announce it in the coming months, as evidenced by model patents leaked from the house of Renault, in 2021, since being made public on social networks. Larger than the Renault 5, this electric 4L will turn into an SUV to fit the size of the Captur, and will also be available in a vehicle similar to the F4 utility. On the contrary, 100% electric large sedan. it can be seen, considering the Nissan model intended for North American markets. Therefore, the French manufacturer would change the Talisman to sedan capable of competing with Tesla Model 3. Renault news: