Cadillac offers InnerSpace, the concept of an electronic sports car

Cadillac offers InnerSpace, the concept of an electronic sports car

Cadillac is not the most impressive car brand, yet at CES it has been presenting the concept of the future for two years.

The automotive world is in full swing with the arrival of the most powerful, but most powerful, electric cars. No more Ferrari V12 big and crazy use. If their song is to be missed by many unscrupulous people, the future will be firmly diverted towards the “green” cars and their mules.

These electric models however have the ability to give a very good impression behind the wheel. With a more impressive response than any heat car, electric structures are facing great interest in the motorsport world. Today in Dakar, a few cars are still 100% warm.

Electric and independent sports car

If hybrids seem to be the best solution for clean performance in automotive racing, some brands that previously targeted GTs are now looking for an incredible catalyst for making sports cars, elegant and fast, but all without giving off dirty gas every time you click a button.

To answer this question, the American brand Cadillac, which is not yet known as the most modern automotive company, has introduced during the 2022 edition of the CES a brand new concept car: InnerSpace.

Very current concept

This car combines two other concepts of the same madness that were presented in the previous version of CES. The first of the two was Halo Personal Position. This small machine was actually a four-propeller drone, capable of lifting a small individual booth. Another concept was the Cadillac Social Space: a car with a capacity of 6 people, all passengers in the car, the second with complete freedom.

If these concepts, as good as they should look, can be fascinating, InnerSpace has something more. The car doesn’t look like it came from a science fiction movie and you can really imagine driving it after a few years. If its specific and highly focused aerodynamics look reminds us that it is a concept and not a production model, InnerSpace may seem “real”. A trivial matter for a car, but not so much when it comes to concept cars.

Self-driving car

Despite its 2022 appearance, the car remains a technological gem that we are not ready to face the next red light. Indeed, Cadillac has every intention of making its cars completely free, with InnerSpace topping the list. This car, according to the brand, is a luxury alternative for people who want a self-driving car, without finding themselves in a soulless square transport.

The manufacturer explains that with an autonomous vehicle, the travel time will no longer be lost looking at the road and holding the steering wheel in its place. It will actually be possible to work, relax or even enjoy multimedia content, as on a train.