Cadillac of Heaven |  Price over 0,000?  – 98.5 Montreal

Cadillac of Heaven | Price over $300,000? – 98.5 Montreal

The first electric model of the Cadillac brand has recently been launched. of Lyriq SUV it will go on sale soon and will be priced from $67,698 Canadian.

The second electric model that Cadillac will release will take the form of a sedan, the Celestiq. We knew that in the end he was going to play at the highest level of luxury. Even like last week, we learned that its assembly would be done by hand at the GM facility in Warren, Michigan, where it will benefit from an 81 million investment to upgrade.

The price of the model has even started to be rumored, to be more than $100,000. Well, we would be off the mark, because according to new information from a person close to the file, it will be a price more than about US $ 300,000 that would be required for this creation.

Yes, you read that right! It’s the Wall Street Journal that reports this news, taken everywhere through the automotive field, you guessed it.

Those who were expecting this car may have to adjust their plan, if the figure put forward turns out to be correct. At this kind of price, the Celestiq will play in the flower beds of companies such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Remember that Cadillac was only doing that in the pre-war era, but that’s going too far.

When contacted for this purpose by many media, Cadillac went there with the expected answer, that he had no information to confirm, neither on the price nor on the number of units that will be released each year.

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The car will be unique, that’s for sure. Cadillac has already mentioned that the plant will produce 1.2 cars per day, which gives us a turnover of about 425 copies per year. Celestiq will use parts made with 3D printers, to give you an idea.

The concept version should be shown at the end of July and according to what we hear, the product will be close to production. The first Celestiqs assembly should take shape in late 2023.

We can expect something very technologically advanced. For example, the car would benefit from an advanced version of the Super Cruise semi-autonomous operating system. Ultra Cruise would work on about 95% of the roads while currently, the system in use can work on about 320,000 kilometers of highways in Canada and the United States.

One thing is certain, it will be interesting to discover what this model will have in store for us.

We will talk again after the launch.

Cadillac Celestiq (model), interior details, fig.  1Cadillac Celestiq (model), interior details, fig.  2Cadillac Celestiq (model), interior details, fig.  3Cadillac Celestiq (model), exterior details, fig.  1Cadillac Celestiq (model), exterior details, fig.  2Cadillac Celestiq (model), exterior details, fig.  3