Cadillac: a night walk to relive the life of the famous Georges Cazeaux-Cazalet

Cadillac: a night walk to relive the life of the famous Georges Cazeaux-Cazalet

A night walk is planned to honor Georges Cazeaux-Cazalet this Saturday in Cadillac. (©Cadillac Common Archive.)

This Saturday, September 10, 2022, is a good day to return to the Night Cadillac (Gironde). This year, the chosen theme is politician Georges Cazeaux-Cazaletwho was born in Loupiac in 1861. The appointment should be observed in front of the Porte de la Mer, at 9 o’clock in the evening, for an evening of wandering, following the footsteps of this historical person, who on the streets in Cadillac carries his. name

The man, very popular in the state, later became the mayor of Cadillac where he died in 1911. He participated in the creation of the Cadillac agricultural and wine fair in 1884.

Producer of agriculture, drinking water and electricity demonstrations in Cadillac

Like Jean de Grailly, the founder of the bastide, the Duc d’Épernon or Father Jean-Joseph Lataste, he is a beauty of the 20th century. A great forerunner of modern times, we owe the creation of drinking water in Cadillac, agricultural exhibitions and the appearance of electricity.

45 people volunteer for transportation in Cadillac

45 volunteer actors and torchbearers will do their best to present it to you
humorously the many faces of this unique man: the mayor of Cadillac,
a defender of viticulture and an educated person. The show, popular and family friendly, where comedy takes center stage with the city’s built heritage as a backdrop, is conceived and created by a team of passionate volunteers.

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