C. Santos will announce the regular Mercedes-Benz tour on September 24

C. Santos will announce the regular Mercedes-Benz tour on September 24

Sociedade Comercial C. Santos, in collaboration with Motorbest Tours, will organize a classic Mercedes-Benz tour on September 24 (Saturday).

Leaving from the facilities of Maia-Aeroporto, the improved route was designed to evoke a feeling of joy in the act of driving, in a trip that includes an entertainment and cultural component. The event will also have a lunch break at the venue.

“One of the capitals of car brands is their history. If there is a brand that has a proud history, it is Mercedes-Benz. As Sociedade Comercial C. Santos is one of the historic Mercedes-Benz dealers in Portugal, we hope that Passeio de The first Clássicos Soc. No. C. Santos is yet another contribution to the automotive heritage and a meeting place for fans of the brand”, said Aquiles Pinto, responsible for public relations at Sociedade Comercial C. Santos.

Documentation of the event will air on Nacional 108.

Classics Soc First Tour Route. And. C. Santos will be implemented along the most celebrated roads in the North of Portugal which, in turn, includes the Estrada Nacional 108 (EN 108).

In addition to Mercedes-Benz cars, over 30 years old, there will be time to appreciate the national historical and cultural heritage, through a guided tour of Interpretation Center and Roman ruins of Tongobrigain Marco de Canaveses, the city where the Classics Tour first ends with lunch where participants can taste the flavors of the region, at Casa do Quintã.

Entry fee for the first Soc Classics Tour. And. C. Santos comes out 30 euros to the driver and 25 euros for companions, and children from 7 to 12 years old paying 20 euros and children under 7 years old have free access.

If you would like to get more information and/or register, you must do so via the link: https://bit.ly/3wbOxn0.

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