By McLaren, the “big rebound” of Form E

By McLaren, the “big rebound” of Form E

For Form E leaders, McLaren’s commitment comes with a one-and-a-half year career and interviews after suffering from a wave of departures.

arrival of McLaren in Form E, Official Saturday morning through team procurement mercedesis recognized as a “big swarm” with discipline. The British manufacturer will be in the tournament from the 2022-2023 season and his name has been added to previous maserati and Abt. Recover, inevitably, at the beginning of the Gen3 era, when Formula E has suffered from a series of shortcomings in BMW, Audi and Mercedes since 2020.

When asked about the championship power, created in 2014 and currently in his eighth season, Alejandro Agag is considering McLaren’s decision. “says a lot” in this time of renewal. “A few months ago, unfortunately, we lost builders”recalls the founder of System E. “We know what it ‘s like in a car game when you lose the developers, it feels like the end of the world and it will all end in tears.”

“Formula 1 got that experience at one time, I remember when BMW, Toyota and all the others suddenly left in the late 2000s. We got that experience a little over a year ago. And there were a lot of comments like, ‘What the hell. I would say that it is a great victory. With Maserati, and Abt and now with McLaren, I think that is good. It shows the strength of Formula E as the peak of the electric race. more of a championship race. “

examination of conscience

At the helm of Formula E, we firmly believe that the departure wave that has affected the championship has been an opportunity to find the soul and find ways to persuade new players. In particular, there were changes in the structure of reputation and function on the budget ceiling, as its CEO Jamie Reigle recalls.

“A year ago the conversation was, ‘What’s going on in Form E? Is this game credible? It seems very expensive compared to what you produce from a marketing perspective.”he recalls. “So we’ve spent a lot of time in the last 12-18 months trying to address that weakness: a new qualification structure, an improved sports structure. We launched the Gen3 two weeks ago in Monaco and the performance features of this car are very impressive.. We show that we have our place in front of the stage. “

“We offer a different proposal. Then there is the business aspect: we set a budget limit, which should allow for competition between teams but also means that they should be able to profit from investment to grow. Championship. It’s all good, I can say, but it must be confirmed. When we made the list with Alejandro a year or two ago, bringing Maserati and McLaren was part of our question. McLaren is at the top of the list.

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