by 2025, a future CO2-free factory

by 2025, a future CO2-free factory

With its iFactory, the first CO2-free factory, BMW is positioning itself in a global vision for the manufacture of electric vehicles. What experts call the carbon mark “well-to-wheel” and that integrates the entire production process. And BMW is developing the date, 2025, for the production of “Neue Klasse”. An electric BMW designed to be completely manufactured without emitting CO2.

Dau on the future of Hungary

For this, a new factory is being built in Debrecen, Hungary. “Its domestic power plant will provide a significant portion of energy. The rest will be paid 100% by regional renewable energy,” says BMW. Too bad the manufacturer has not mentioned the energy source of this plant. In these times of war in Eastern Europe, Hungary remains highly dependent on the distribution of non-carbon or non-carbon energy.

As a reminder, 12% of the country’s energy production is of natural origin, 40% of nuclear origin (Paks power station) and 38% is derived from fossil fuels (23% natural gas, 15% oil) of which 95% imported from Russia. (sources: French government). On the other hand, according to BMW, all the energy that regulates all its industries in the world comes only from renewable energy. We do not know how to count.

Targeted measures

“Wherever possible (sic), production equipment and resources will be used again,” BMW continues. Pieces of metal and grinding, for example, will prepare and reuse. Waste heat from the cold will enter the heating circuit of the indoor space and water. Another example is the wet-on-wet (IPP) process of resource efficiency. Or the current direct use in the manufacture of body parts, the first world according to BMW.

All of these combined efforts, along with the transportation of raw materials and vehicles at the end of the chain, as well as equipment and R&D, contribute, according to BMW, to reduce and then eliminate greenhouse gases. And this, due to the unique use, by 2025, of renewable energy sources without CO2 emissions. What remains is to independently and officially confirm this commitment to the “BMW iFactory” in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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