Buy your new or used car at Uvel Chevrolet

Buy your new or used car at Uvel Chevrolet

Visit Avenida José Loureiro da Silva, 246 or contact Uvel via WhatsApp at (51) 3671 0804; to know more

For Write/Click Camaquã It has been published 05/08/2022

This Friday morning (05), Thiago Furtado, manager of Uvel Chevrolet participated in Campo em Dia program, from Clic Rádio, bringing information about the available car models. The manager also talked about the terms of payment.

Line 2023 fast delivery, cross rate 0, onyx reduced IPI, S10 in stock. You who intend to buy a car with 0km, at Chevrolet you will find several models and colors in stock.

In the secondhand line, 95% are single owner cars, that is, the customer bought 0 kilometers for Uvel and exchanged it for another. This new car is evaluated to see if the car is in good condition and with all the necessary safety.

If you want to buy a used car, try to find out where this car comes from and where it comes from. make a good investment, so you can enjoy this car and not get frustrated in the future.

Thiago mentioned that at the Festa do Colono festival, Uvel Chevrolet sold the S10 Montana car.

The manager also reported that, if a customer wants to buy a model that Uvel de Camaquã does not have in stock, they organize a free search to find out if it interests you.

  • For more information, visit the seller’s Instagram CLICK HERE
  • The company is located at Avenida José Loureiro da Silva, 246
  • Uvel and WhatsApp phone number is (51) 3671 0804.

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