but where did the little Leo star go?

but where did the little Leo star go?

Long at the peak of the new car sales basket in France, the Peugeot 308 looks gray since the arrival of the third generation but more technological and more interesting than ever. Is it bad doctor?

To do the same with the second 308 of the name, this is a commitment that Peugeot knew was hard, so it was very successful this second generation compact Sochaux. Customers made no mistake about it, continuing to compliment it despite the arrival of major domestic competitors such as 3008 and 2008. To stay afloat, a new 308 has released the ranks, by launching a more sophisticated design than ever before, a new electronic architecture installed on the original dashboard and even a reusable intermediate engine of 180 hp. that no Peugeot has ever tried.

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So many things that would allow him to regain good health in front of his more impressive SUV brothers. Trouble, 308 “3” was born in 2021, in one of the worst contexts the car has known since the beginning of the 21st century.. Because the Covid-19 catastrophe was followed by an unexpected but logical shortage of components due to the massive and acute industrial recovery after several months of various bonds.

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A 308 by trouble in the top 10 by the end of 2021!

Peugeot, like almost all developers, so they had to worry while waiting for the semiconductors to arrive. Although the SW station car did not start its commercial operation until February 2022 instead of the end of 2021, the sedan was sometimes denied certain equipment to be delivered to its customers within the agreed timeframe. This did not prevent the delay of several months due to timely closure of factories due to lack of parts … Too many traps on this new 308 route and, as a result, unfamiliar figures. If a total of 2021 sales are to be taken up by the salt particle considering that sales started in September, the Frenchman however finished 2021 in 19th place on the list, with approximately 20,000 units.. In addition to the 75,000 308 “2” varieties sold in 2016, three years after their launch …

Year Sales
Year2014 Sales64,625 ex.
Year2015 Sales76,091 ex.
Year2016 Sales75,509 ex.
Year2017 Sales66,173 ex.
Year2018 Sales63,219 ex.
Year2019 Sales56,435 ex.
Year2020 Sales36,575 ex.
Year2021 Sales21,524 ex.

Advanced steps not available?

At the beginning of 2022, however, the figures give a small smile and clearly show the new effect that this 308 may deserve. Between January and March, the French ranks 8th in sales (9,000 copies). but above all it proves to be the only example in the top 10 not to see its sales fall in a declining market.. In March alone, the French climbed to 6th place (4,108 copies). By re-examining the scope for individuals, only Peugeot added (+ 50%) in the first quarter.

But there is still a way to make this 308 regain its place in the top 5 sales positions, if it can claim it again. Playing a techno card with a brighter look, the Lions have also garnered huge popularity in terms of pricing.. Between its launch at the end of 2021 and April 2022, its base price increased by around € 1,000, with no additional value to the customer. And now we are crossing the € 40,000 bar for a 308 hp rechargeable hybrid 180 hp at the Allure mid-range finish with a small option.

Published 04/17/2022 Updated 04/17/2022

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