But what exactly is happening in Alpine?

But what exactly is happening in Alpine?

It’s a soap opera that Alpine would do well. Since the announcement of Alonso’s departure, Alpine has experienced turmoil with its reserve driver Oscar Piastri.

Let’s go back to the beginning of what can be called the Piastri affair. A day after the announcement of Alonso’s departure for Aston Martin, Alpine published a press release on its Twitter account naming Oscar Piastri as Esteban Ocon’s future teammate in 2023. A decision that seemed logical, as the Australian was eligible to benefit from this offer. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

But thunder. Two hours after this announcement, Oscar Piastri himself publishes a press release. The Australian driver denies any announcement at Alpine and claims he was not notified. Icing on the cake, he explains that he will not drive for them next year!

So it’s a big no-brainer for the French team who must now start looking for a driver. In the space of two days, Alpine experienced what no team dreams of experiencing: the surprise departure of a driver and the refusal of a driver to reserve the next day. A hard-to-understand choice to turn down a place in an F1 team, which is currently 4th in the standings, behind the main teams.

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But then, who will have the Alpine seat for 2023?

That is the whole question. Turning down a seat in F1 is no small feat, especially from a young driver who was pampered for four years by Alpine. But Piastri’s announcement not to drive for the team may be hiding a clue…

Indeed, the Australian would have already started negotiating with McLaren in exchange for Daniel Ricciardo. The former Red Bull driver would return to Renault, where his performances were more convincing than today. Problem: Ricciardo has reaffirmed that his contract runs until 2023 and that he will honor it.…

But with Alonso leaving Alpine in haste while negotiations for an extension continue, and with the reserve driver refusing his assigned seat, something will happen at Alpine. But what? There is a question. The Alpine series will likely continue throughout the summer, possibly until Spa Spa.