But the act has its limitations

But the act has its limitations

LG reimburses license fees for buyers of television designs, audio headsets and selected speakers. In doing so, the manufacturer is only consulting the value in its action and not actually restoring the television contribution. Advertising fees are considered a nuisance by many households, which is why the company is certainly looking forward to additional appeals by advertising this refund campaign. Customers must repay up to 2,203.20 euros, which corresponds to approximately 10 years of advertising fee payment.

LG reimburses advertising fees – only the most expensive designs receive the full amount

If you are tempted to reimburse up to 2,203.30 euros, the television model to which this total is connected cannot be a bargain in the literal sense. Otherwise, the campaign would not be beneficial to the manufacturer. However, the price of the two most popular TV models is staggering. You should invest more than 20,000 euros or around 30,000 euros for LG OLED88Z29LA and LG OLED88Z19LA designs. The LG OLED77Z29LA and LG OLED77Z19LA models, which receive more than 1,400 euros in cash, are also expensive purchases. You will have to spend about 15,000 euros or 20,000 euros for them.

Here you can find retailers participating in MediaMarkt

Unfortunately, it also confuses which retailers are qualified for a refund campaign when making a purchase. According to the terms of participation, it is defined as “the participant’s responsibility to determine whether the seller is participating in the campaign and whether the purchased device is a campaign device.” This means that the client cannot see where to look. for relevant versions can look around. However, retailers of electronic devices MediaMarkt and Saturn are included, as they advertise the campaign in their online stores. Pia Amazon, Otto and many others. After the purchase, you need a TV register on this siteearn cash.

What devices does the LG offer apply to?

In addition to the correct model and the appropriate vendor, only devices that have the same model code share. These can be omitted from the table of shared materials here. According to the manufacturer, even similar materials in construction but do not have the appropriate model code are not suitable for the campaign. OLED TVs are not the only ones owned by campaign equipment. QNED Televisions, NanoCell Televisions, UHD Televisions, AudioSpeakers and speakers both can benefit from a refund. However, the amount of compensation for microphones is an average of more than 35 euros per model. In terms of audio bars, the refund amount varies between approximately 18 euros and around 165 euros. The situation is similar to UHD televisions, which can be paid from under 18 euros to around 70 euros. For NanoCell designs, its recovery is between approximately 35 euros to around 145 euros. QNED televisions are reimbursed for more than 70 euros to around 550 euros.

Find participating TVs on Otto.de

Is LG’s money back campaign worth it?

How much a refund campaign pays per individual depends on the actual model. If you want to invest in an expensive model however, you can do so by reducing the best price. However, if you want to get the most affordable offer, you should look for discounts for retailers as well. MediaMarkt, Zohali, Amazon au Otto Keep an eye out. Because here TV models can also be found below the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. For example, the LG OLED55B29LA model currently costs only 1,500 euros instead of the proposed 1,900 euros. The amount of refunds in style is still good at around 130 euros. So you can benefit more from this refund offer if you spend Offer from participating retailers to remember. Since the campaign will continue until June 5, 2022, there will undoubtedly be offers of compulsory equipment. You can register the device for an offer until June 19, 2022.

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