Bugatti without limits |  A small series

Bugatti without limits | A small series

Posted on January 31, 2020, 2:24 PM

The ultimate masterpiece? The years will tell… Meanwhile, the 16.7 million euros shown by the latest Bugatti must have already spread around the world! More than excessive, that with 5 million of the recent Divo, Bugatti had already signed a sacred performance… It was to forget that the Franco-German company had – like Ettore and Jean Bugatti in their time – absolutely no limit. Moreover, it is with this great freedom (which is often summed up by the proverbial formula: “Nothing is too good, nothing is too expensive”) that engineers have revived, starting with the first of them, Ferdinand Piëch, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and current owner. Bugatti brand. The first copy of the 16.7 million euro condition (will there be others?) will therefore be… his possession. So we better understand the aspiration to perfection: W16, quad turbo, 1,500 hp… Of course, under the hood (rear), it pours.

And then there is the emotion evoked by the chosen name: “black car”. Specifically the name given by Jean Bugatti to his impressive Type 57 SC Atlantic. An example of such rarity that only three examples remain (one of which belongs to the famous collection of Ralph Lauren); that of Jean Bugatti who disappeared on a train leaving for Bordeaux on the morning of World War II…

More than 400 km / h

The black 2019 car therefore pays great homage to its edge (a sort of “cock’s comb” as it was said in the 1930s) extending from the bonnet to the spoiler that hangs over the rear wheels. And then there are human hands which, unlike the vast majority of 21st century “robot” cars, are the only ones capable of keeping a car black. Crafted with craftsmanship, despite the heavy use of carbon,

LED lights, made of magnesium and titanium to withstand a top speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour… Not to mention its six exhaust pipes (another legacy of the original black car) which, at a time when we didn’t talk more than electricity, it gives the legitimacy of one of the last witnesses to the best industry of the 20th century. The last detail: the architecture of the tubes (made of several different alloy elements), as if they are blown by the wind to withstand the most violent speed (from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.4 seconds) while having the ability to finish braking heat is close to Formula 1. The black car certainly goes a long way. Let’s meet in a century to find out if it will also go down in history as the most expensive tax car in the world. Hit mark? 41 million held by Ferrari 250GTO. But if the black car is – for now – an exclusive copy …