Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2022 – Several Bugattis of all kinds have gathered – –

Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2022 – Several Bugattis of all kinds have gathered – –

As every year at this time to celebrate the death of Ettore Bugatti, the Alsatian club “Enthousiastes Bugatti Alsace” (EBA) organized its traditional and very successful Bugatti Festival in Molsheim, bringing together around 60 models of all ages, from the 1920s until 2022. .

Prepared for almost 40 years byEBA Associationthe 39th edition of the Bugatti Festival Molsheim celebrated the 29th Bugatti Type and especially the 75th anniversary of the death of Ettore Bugatti (1881 – 1947).

This festival welcomes every year around September 15 (Ettore Bugatti’s birthday) in Molsheim (the land of Bugatti for almost 100 years) many owners of Bugatti luxury cars from all over Europe as well as many enthusiasts for almost 3 days of festivities ending on Sunday and a public parade. of models in the city center of the Alsatian city.

The first day of the festival (Thursday) is dedicated to welcoming the participants and paying tribute to Ettore Bugatti in Dorlisheim. A road trip is planned the next day and stops at a nice restaurant just like on Saturday and visited. The 4th and final day, Sunday, usually highlights the heritage of the Bugatti brand through a parade of cars, starting with the Bugatti Baby type 52 and other small cars followed by the participating Bugattis.

Then various titles are awarded by the jury: Bugatti Foundation Trophy, Lalique Trophy, Bugatti SAS Cup, Safran Cup, EBA Cup, Cul Pointu Tuzo, Ladies’ Cup ‘Elisabeth Juneck’, Cup for the best participation of the country, for young children. car, Bugatti’s first participation award.

This day the Bugatti Festival invites the public to admire the mechanical masterpieces and see them driving.

Bugatti artists’ and writers’ village with refreshments and snacks also available and musical entertainment.

The weather for the 2022 edition was calm and there was no rain, allowing those present to fully enjoy the parade and the numerous car displays. It would take a long time to list them all, but many very rare examples and sometimes in their own juice responded to the invitation: Type 13, Type 38, Type 35, Type 44, Type 46, Type 47, Type 57. ..

For the youngest, the latest versions of the Bugatti brand were represented by the Chiron Super Sport 300+ in the carbon blue version, Chiron Pur Sport red and black, Veyron beige / blue and Veyron Grand Sport black. A rare Bugatti EB110 was also present, giving a good impression of the modern era of the manufacturer.

See you in mid-September 2023 for the 40th edition that promises to be even more unique.