Broken ground at the fire station

Broken ground at the fire station

Representatives of Liberty Township and Delaware County gathered Thursday for a groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction of the new Fire Station 321, located at 7761 Liberty Road N. in Powell.

A new fire station will be built directly north of the existing station on the site of the current baseball field. The baseball stadiums will then be relocated south to the current location of the fire station. The construction of the fire station is part of the upgrade of three buildings in the city that include a new maintenance center in Liberty Park and a new town office that is currently being built along the road from the fire station.

Among the delegates present during Thursday’s ceremony were Liberty County Trustee Bryan Newell, Fire Chief Tom O’Brien and Delaware County Treasurer Donald Rankey Jr.

“As a suburb, we don’t have a lot of power and authority to do things,” Newell said. “People look at this position as if it could be something worthwhile, and that it is a great opportunity for a strong player. “We are fortunate that they are willing to cooperate with us in our crazy ideas, such as building several new buildings at the same time. I cannot thank them enough for their support throughout.”

Newell said considerations of the new fire station began about a year ago when the neighborhood began to analyze the existing building and the neighborhood options for improvement. “When we went deeper, it seemed that if we could have a cost competitiveness, (a new building) would be the last resort,” Newell said.

“We have a modern facility that will be built. It will increase our performance, improve our flight time, and be safer for our firefighters, ”he continued. “All the things that are improved over time will culminate in this center. That is not to say this was a bad station for us. It was created at a different time with different types of departments.

O’Brien said the structure of the new facility went through several repetitions before the team decided on a “long-term, workable plan.” Natural design started out as a two-story facility, he said, but in always striving to find the right response time, he found that 30 seconds of response time could only be eliminated by firefighters without having to descend on the device.

“We have eliminated those 30 seconds that we have been wasting on (resetting) the facility structure and where we have our own bedrooms and the number of doors we have to go through,” O’Brien said.

He added, “Just being able to pull directly on Liberty Road instead of turning right all the time would be a huge increase in security. We will also have a better vision when we exit Liberty Road compared to the tree line we have (for the current station). “

O’Brien said the building was designed “with growth in mind,” meaning there would be an opportunity for the facility to “respond to more facilities from there if the need arises.”

Rankey called the festival “one of the biggest days in Liberty City (history),” adding that “a three-year war to save fire services has officially ended.”

Construction of the new facility is expected to be completed next July. As with the current station, a new Fire Station 321 will be set up for the late Chief Fire Chief John Bernans, who was the first fire chief in Liberty City.

“It wasn’t even a matter of discussion,” Newell said of the volunteer.

Liberty Township held a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday for its new Fire Station 321. Pictured, left to right, are Delaware County Treasurer Donald Rankey Jr., Trustee Scott Donaldson, Finance Officer Rick Karr, Fire Chief Tom O ‘ Brien and Trustee Bryan Newell.

Delivery of the new Liberty Township Fire Station 321. Officials demolished the station at the station Thursday at 7761 N. Liberty Road in Powell.

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