British luxury cars, the royal passion of Elizabeth II

British luxury cars, the royal passion of Elizabeth II

If the luxury cars of Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar have been “Icons of the world”, it is “thank you queen” Elizabeth II, who made these models “modern royal cars”, says the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

The Desire of the King of England began in 1948, describes the daily life of the megalopolis of South America. At that time, his father, King George VI (1895-1952), was given the hundredth Land Rover Series 1. “Utility Rustic” it becomes the queen’s favorite car, several times “photographed on the wheel of different types of brands”, especially on his 96th birthday, last April.

In total, about 30 Land Rovers “dwelt in the garages of Windsor during the seventy years of his reign” of Elizabeth II, notes the newspaper. The King of England also used one of these cars to take Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia himself, surprisingly to say the least, on the back roads of his Scottish estate of Balmoral, in 1998. Women in the Saudi kingdom will not be allowed to drive until. twenty years later.

The tradition of the British royal fleet

His first Rolls-Royce, the king received it as a gift in 1950. A Phantom 4 model painted black is “it is still used by the royals on occasions, along with other examples of the same line, which have been found and adapted for parades”, is highlighted Folha.

“British brands understood the power of the royal family for their marketing.”

In the 2000s, Elizabeth II is seen driving the iconic green Jaguar “English green”.

Although these brands have since been incorporated into major Indian and German car companies, “The production of these cars continues to take place in factories in the UK, which gives the legitimacy to maintain the tradition” of the British royal fleet, the newspaper says.

The tradition that Charles III should continue, with one exception: which is very sensitive because of the environment, the new king of England should choose models. “smokeless”, 100% electric.