Brazilian actor Gabriel Leone will be in a film about Enzo Ferrari

Brazilian actor Gabriel Leone will be in a film about Enzo Ferrari

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Scheduled for next year, the film Ferrariwhich tells the story of one of the most powerful names in the automotive and motorcycle industry, found Brazilian reinforcements for the actors: actor. Gabriel Leonewho was cast to play the pilot Alfonso de Portugal.

The news was published by the portal deadline, who specializes in the business world of Hollywood. According to the report, the recordings should start early next month in Italy.

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Ferrari The official synopsis reads: “It’s the summer of 1957. Former racing driver Enzo Ferrari is in dire straits. All the strange forces in his life – as fragile as the red cars he builds – collide. The company he and his wife, Laura. , set randomly ten years earlier. Their tumultuous marriage is plagued by the grief of one child and the recognition of another.”

“A passionate male motivator motivates his team of drivers, and others like foster children. He beats the hostile media with intelligence and boldly strategizes to participate in all competitions, notorious people. Mille Miglia. As the red cars make their way through cities and mountains to unpredictable consequences, the future of these characters’ lives is written.”

The film will be directed by Michael Mann (‘The Last of the Mohicans’, ‘Ali’ and ‘Miami Vice’) and the film Troy Kennedy Martin (‘Um Coup à Italiana’), based on the book Enzo Ferrari – Man and Machinein Brock Yates.

Driver Adam he will be responsible for giving them life Enzo Ferrariwhile Penelope Cruz will be Laura Ferrari.

Leone will play with Portago, one of the five drivers who represented Ferrari in this edition of the Mille Miglia. In addition to the Spaniard, the automaker fielded Piero Taruffi, Wolfgang von Trips and Peter Collins in four sports cars and Olivier Gendebien in the GT model.

Ferrari closed out the podium at the end, with Taruffi winning after 10 hours, 27 minutes and 47 seconds of the race, with Trips and Gendebien following. Collins retired with operational problems.

Portago, meanwhile, was involved in a fatal crash near the middle of the race with co-driver Edmund Nelson on the railway section between Cerlongo and Guidizzolo, about 70 kilometers from Brescia, the start and finish of the race.

The Spaniard, who was nervous about taking part in the race, suffered a flat tire in third place and plowed into the crowd, killing nine others.

Leone, 28 years old, began his career in the world of theater, but gained fame thanks to his participation in Globo dramas, such as. The Secret Truth, The days were like this and Where the Strong Are Born. In the movie, he has already played the singer Roberto Carlos My Bad Fameand Edward inside Eduardo and Monicabased on the song Legião Urbana.

And it’s not the only film made by Enzo Ferrari in the works. This week, the streaming service Apple TV+ announced the purchase of the rights to a series about the automaker’s founder, created and written by Steven Knight (Peak Blinds, taboo and Spencer), directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino (great beauty, the hand of God and Young Pope) and executive production by Stefano Sollima (cigarette 2 and gomorrah)

according to Destinyseries depends Ferrari Rexthe book by Luca Dal Monte, which tells how Enzo built one of the biggest brands in the industry even with difficult times in his life in the 1950s and 1960s, such as the death of his first child, Dino, and Juan’s betrayal. Manuel Fangio.

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