Bottas sees ease out of Mercedes and enjoys F1 at Alfa Romeo – Formula 1 News

Bottas sees ease out of Mercedes and enjoys F1 at Alfa Romeo – Formula 1 News

Valtteri Bottas replaced the pressure of results at Mercedes with a calmness and confidence that is important for the future of Alfa Romeo. And if you see that he is not happy with the decision he made, you are very wrong.

In an interview with Motorsport, the 33-year-old Finn knows that moving to the Swiss team meant moving to the back of the grid, however, he never felt the prestige and certainty that he would continue for many years in the same project. . “It’s a first for me, even for Williams it’s always been like that [o contrato] for one season only. I don’t need to emphasize and answer questions whether I want to stay or not, because it won’t be easy for drivers who don’t know what will happen to them,” he said.

This fact helped Valtteri to think only about work and, therefore, to feel comfortable in the race again. “It is the season that I have enjoyed the most so far. Well, I’m fast and I’m having fun formula 1 for max now. In terms of racing it’s a lot of fun, the midfield brings a different approach, you can get a lot of chances with a good decision, it’s completely different.”

Bottas is feeling light and enjoying life in and out of F1 (Image: Instagram/@valtteribottas)

The focus on other rivals on the grid has also changed, from Bottas’ perspective. “At Mercedes, I was only looking at two drivers, now they are up to six, which is not bad.” In addition, the sense of humor found in Alfa Romeo also helps in creating a positive working environment. “When I’m at work, the focus is 100%, but in my spare time, I do what I want. I have a balance between F1 and my life outside of it”, he adds.

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This freedom is shown in a photo that went viral on his Instagram network bathing in a stream when he came into the world. The publication was a success, it was turned into a painting that was later donated to charities and raised around 50 thousand euros (R$ 260 thousand).

Would Bottas have posted this photo if he was still at Mercedes? He answers: “I don’t think so.” I’m settled into the song now and I don’t care what people think about me. And the picture turned out great,” concluded Finn.

Valtteri Bottas added 41 of Alfa Romeo’s 46 points this season and had his best result in 2022 with fifth at the Emilia Romagna GP in April.

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