BMW X4 30d LCI practical test: Live and let it live

BMW X4 30d LCI practical test: Live and let it live

The X3 and X4 now had to undergo beauty treatments during the model cycle period. We have already explored the X3 as a hybrid of plug-ins as well as the X4 as a top model with 510 hp. We have now loaded a six-cylinder diesel version for testing.

Of course, it is not new that you have been able to generate impressive sales with the SUV coupe version for a long time. BMW has already shown great economic success with the first generation X6. The younger brother is also one of the top sellers, especially in the payment segment.
The Sport Activity Coupé (SAC) tackles this in the rear with a slightly smaller dining room and a higher loading sill than the X3, but achieves increased playability because of its shape and handling.

Interior: Hyptic and ergonomic outline!

We didn’t feel good in fashion right away. This of course is due to the great ergonomics despite the high seating position. The seats provide first-class support but do not discourage comfort in terms of comfort even on long journeys.
Operation is also run like clockwork, because iDrive is probably the best infotainment solution currently available. It doesn’t matter if you get where you want to go using a rotating and push-pull controller, with a touch command or even with a very intelligent sound controller – three controls are definitely worth the applause.
The same applies to the first state of the interior, which doubles and triple the charge rate.
Sausage white thick sports volant feels first class in the hands and the operation is almost personal details.

The amount of load (550-1,600 liters) is slightly higher, and this also counts for the head room in the second column. Passengers over 1.75 meters must definitely reconsider the perm or hairstyle gel. But if you want to be beautiful, you must also suffer. Where the suffering in the case of the elevated BMW X4 is very mild, one has to be honest.
This also applies to the optional Harman Kardon sound system, which once again destroys sensitivity to a silky six-cylinder sound with very high quality acoustics.

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