BMW Series 7. Bavarian limousine saga

BMW Series 7. Bavarian limousine saga

While the Audi A8, the flag-branded flag, on the lower slope, will provide 100% electric replacement space and the Mercedes S-Class will have to be careful with its watted alter-ego called EQS, The BMW 7 series remains stable. The seventh generation is the revelation. However, its heat version is not designed for Europe where only the battery version, BMW i7, will be in the app. But they both share the same wonderful plastic.

>> The saga of the BMW 7 Series from 1977 to 2022 <

It started in 1977 for Series 7

Its very classic silhouette occupies only six cylinder engines.

This is an opportunity for us to look in the rearview mirror and dive back 45 years to return to the original style of the model with the Series 7 E23 type launched in 1977. It launches the name by taking from the BMW 2500 E3 model. Compared to the latest version offered only in the long version, with a size of 5.39 m, the original Series 7 appears to be very weak with 4.86 m. Today the BMW 3 Series reaches 4.70 m. Under the 7 Series E23 cap, there is no six-cylinder block. In 1986, the BMW 7 Series E32 took over and saw things in a bigger way about the engine. In addition to the 6 standard 6 cylinders, two V8s are based on offer, especially to attract customers from Uncle Sam’s country, while the powerful 300 hp V12 gives the BMW 7 Series its features.

The BMW 7 Series E38 is split.

Then, with the third edition released in 1994, embedded in the E38, a new trend appeared, a longer-wheel version that allowed Series 7 to reach a much larger size of 5.12 m (compared to 4.98 m for standard variations). This Opus will also launch a six-cylinder diesel engine called the 725 Tds which will provide space for the 730d which will be completed by 740d and the V8 engine delivering 245 hp.

When fashion led to scandals

BMW 7 Series E65
In 2001, the BMW Series 7 E65 made people talk about it more than it should.
BMW 7 Series E65
Its very divisive style and its slightly avant-garde iDrive is detrimental.

At the beginning of the millennium, the BMW 7 Series led to a scandal, his line signed Chris Bangle launched a debate that is still relevant to this day. Asking a question about the fact that we can dare to be natural at a certain level of diversity. It is called E65 / E66 depending on body height. On board, the appearance of the iDrive wheel for the multimedia system also has its share of rivals. In 2006, the most iconic model in the series began its hydrogen journey, a gas that the V12 760i engine absorbs in a power that drops sharply from 445 to 260 hp. In order to appease the souls burned by its predecessor whose mid-career reform, in 2005, did nothing, in 2008, Series 7 type F01 / 02 reverted to more volume lines. Under the hood, the 760i V12 delivers 544 hp. The spirits are calm.

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grille growth crisis

BMW 7 Series G70
It was to prepare us well for the arrival of the seventh edition in which, incidentally, the two-stage lights are more of an SUV-like than a limousine.

Official continuity remains a key word in 2015 with the appearance of the sixth generation (G11 / G12) which, due to the growing number of driving devices, raises the question of intended to keep the driver behind the wheel. In addition to the technology, the 750d xDrive version has a 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine backed by, not less, four turbochargers enough to deliver 400 hp and 760 Nm. In 2019, when it comes to redesign, auto muzzle. then it unveils an impressive grille that was eventually not big … compared to that of the new BMW 7 Series G70.

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