BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Convertible test

BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Convertible test

Walid Bouarab on 07/28/2022

Very powerful and efficient, this version of the convertible BMW M4 does not leave a certain phlegm, which ultimately goes well with its spirit more than GT. But being so capitalist, he still pleases the fans of the first hour?

Escape has a price… and weight

Converters are rare, even more so when they are capable of such a function. But the BMW M4 Convertible can do it all. Lap times on a mountain path or walk in the fresh air. As with the less glamorous versions, this new M4 Cabriolet benefits from a special canvas hood as it is made of hard panels. An excellent compromise that avoids the heavy removable roof of previous generations, while preserving the line and soundproofing. In this regard, this M4 convertible offers no criticism except for a few hissing noises above 110 km/h. Its headgear disappeared immediately in just 18 seconds, and up to 50 kilometers per hour, to allow you to enjoy a sporty ride in the open air.

With the hood folded down, this BMW M4 Competition M xDrive convertible does not disturb its passengers too much, well protected from wind waves. For road connections, you still prefer the installation of an anti-swirl net, convenient and practical for storage as it takes place behind the second row seats. Places that should be greeted with their presence, even if two adults find the trip uncomfortable. However, this M4 is no longer a mid-size convertible. With its height of 4.77, it is only 8 cm shorter than the 8 Series. Some growth that is necessary is accompanied by a large weight that purists will regret. This variant, which reaches a peak of 1995 kg, is undoubtedly heavy with the necessary reinforcements to preserve rigidity. But it puts, more than that, a standard xDrive car.

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If the M3 sedan and the M4 coupe leave the choice – for the first time in their history – between propulsion or all-wheel drive, this is not the case with this convertible. A minor evil when you appreciate the popular torque distribution and the possibility of disengaging the transmission to send everything back. What finally moves, in Sport Plus mode with ESP off, with pure thrust. At start up, and at gentle acceleration, this M4 convertible intelligently purifies its 3.0 biturbo. The automatic transmission retains real smoothness and damping is surprisingly competent, more so than in the M3 Competition. The soft top disappears quickly and the feeling of open driving is very real. But the 510 hp six-in-line are just waiting to be shown. A register that the M4 cabriolet perfectly owns, although we can regret the sound that is more muted than before. The latter does not avoid the wave amplifier through the speakers to compensate.

Every acceleration brings a flash of impressive fury from the engine, capable of producing 650 Nm of torque. It still doesn’t impress with its reach and punch even at very high speeds. For more options, this M4 Competition M xDrive can always be configured according to the taste of its pilot, who can save his settings via the red M buttons on the steering wheel.

But with two tons in size and a less radical philosophy than its fixed-roof sisters, the convertible cannot do without some weight. Always very efficient and showing excellent motor skills, his limits are very far. But between the very “insulating” driving, and the feeling of driving a big machine, driving enthusiasts will remain unsatisfied.

Finally, this spirit more than the GT perfectly suits this set and heavy convertible, which also turns out to be more comfortable on the bumps than the M3/M4 coupé. Our test model also ditched the handy but not-so-comfortable carbon shell seats, benefiting from a softer seat and neck warmer in the cold. But to strengthen it so much (this M4 convertible starts at more than 158,000 euros with penalties and without options!), does the German risk losing it on the way? Most likely. But we must admit that the competition is not there (Audi has stopped the cabin of the RS5 and the future Mercedes-AMG C63 has not yet played), or at the same price (if we think that the Porsche 911 can more or less feel threatened by this “behemoth”. And for driving enthusiasts , the future M2, although undisclosed, is likely to take on the role of the last BMW M in the lineup.

To remember

quoteGermany’s undeniable engineering prowess has begun again. This BMW M4 Convertible is as impressive with its performance as its living art. Irritating, but also comfortable and welcoming, we can only blame it on its weight, and driving with a little sport means. Not to mention the prices, which have been insane…
strong pointsPunchy engine, comfortable cabin, performance, efficient all-wheel drive.

weak pointsOverweight, crazy prices


Price 2021:

510 hp

0 to 100 km/h:

Mixed use:
10.2 l/100 km

CO2 Emissions:

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