BMW M2 M xDrive (2022).  The coupe will be able to receive all-wheel drive

BMW M2 M xDrive (2022). The coupe will be able to receive all-wheel drive

A leaked internal BMW file indicates that the next M2 (G87) will be able to have four-wheel drive. The availability of this all-wheel drive M xDrive is still to be confirmed. A rear-wheel drive version of the coupé will be launched in October 2022.



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BMW seems to have planned that the next M2 could have all-wheel drive.


The next BMW M2 could be the last of its kind and BMW will probably have enough to satisfy all the model’s potential customers, loyal and new alike, from the purists who love cycle rides to those looking for a (very) sporty group that knows how to be civilized. The leaked document, which appears to be an official BMW document intended for the brand’s distributors, appears to announce. availability of all-wheel drive for the second M2 of the name. The previous generation was offered only in rear-wheel drive.

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The presentation of the new M2 will be part of BMW M’s 50th anniversary celebrations.


Highly variable transmission

The document in question is the presentation of the all-wheel drive M xDrive expressly intended for the BMW M2 model G87, the second iteration of the coupé. This is the same transmission and transfer case as the one offered in the current M3 and M4, it is the same as their “little sister” will take the chassis (shortened) and six cylinders in line 3.0 biturbo.

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BMW M2 all-wheel drive 2022

Diagram of the M xDrive transmission planned for the BMW M2 type G87.


This transmission can take up to 1,300 Nm of torque, information that could be of interest to producers. The distribution of torque between the axles is adaptive and Five modes are available, one of which sends all power to the rear wheels only, such as on the M3 and M4 M xDrive therefore. The four-wheel drive system shown in this document is linked to an automatic gearbox.

M2 with lots of personality

BMW has already confirmed that the M2 will be offered with a choice of manual or automatic transmission, and with two-wheel drive. All-wheel drive, if its availability is confirmed, will therefore not be set as standard. However, BMW may decide not to offer all transmission/gear combinations in all markets. The M3 and M4, for example, are only offered in France in Racing versions with an automatic gearbox, while the version starts elsewhere with lower power and a manual gearbox. The power of the next M2 has yet to be revealed but BMW announces ” performance level similar to that of the M2 CS », a special version of the previous model that produced 450 hp. So we can expect the upcoming sports car to have similar riders. Its official presentation is scheduled for October 2022 and its sale in April 2023. It will be produced in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

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BMW M2 camouflage screens

The future M2 will have a dual-panel display.


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