BMW M 1000 R coming?

BMW M 1000 R coming?

Do you remember the BMW M 1000 RR (see our test), the “M” (Motorsport) version of the S 1000 RR? Now it is the highway that is the S 1000 R (see our test) which is about to receive the sports brief from BMW in an explosive version.

BMW M 1000 R: in the R, you get lost

M 1000 R designed by Kardesign

As a reminder, a total of 3 names with the letter “M” were registered in 2019: M 1000 RR (the big sports car we already know), M 1000 XR (sports road) and M 1300 GS (“Motorsport” for GS (GS ) , really?). Obviously, the last two have been left aside by BMW, because it is really the M 1000 R that is involved.

© Kardesign

According to the documents, the bike should share the performance of the new S 1000 RR 2023, which also gets 2.7 hp more compared to the previous vintage. So the M 1000 R should have 209 hp in-line 4-cylinder with Shiftcam system, planning 44 hp more than the “classic” S 1000 R.

A (very) muscular road, which will certainly respect the sports logo of the brand. We also think that the circuit part will follow this logic, and high-end devices have already appeared on its convertible self. Now we wait for the next show to (maybe) find out more!