BMW iX: The first BMW with 5G connectivity is in Brazil

BMW iX: The first BMW with 5G connectivity is in Brazil

You haven’t noticed (even because the signal is still there in a few places) and 5G is already a month old in Brazil. The newest signal, which promises to give more speed to the Internet in general, promises a real revolution in terms of connectivity in general, which should be reflected in cars in the very near future.

A few models in the country already have this technology, such as the BMW iX, an electric model that reached the Brazilian market even before 5G, earlier this year, in the XDrive40 and XDrive50 Sport versions.

Offered from R$ 654,950, the model is one of the technologies produced by the German manufacturer. Proof of this is the central multimedia screen, which is 14.9 inches, connecting the instrument panel of 12.3 inches.

Among the various actions that can be performed with great speed thanks to 5G in the BMW model is the possibility of installing software and changing software remotely or updating, which will certainly reduce the car’s visit to the dealer, as data can be transmitted. at an authorized shop directly from the vehicle via the My BMW App, enabling maintenance and servicing.

The app also allows you to check the general condition of the car, if you have open doors or windows, have information about the mileage, level of autonomy and possible charging stations, as well as enable remote functions, such as finding a car. , locking and unlocking the car, turning on the headlights, activating the car ventilation and using the 3D view.

In addition, navigation using the BMW Maps system enables faster and more accurate route planning as well as better navigation in traffic.

All these devices are part of BMW ConnectedDrive, a set of features available via a SIM Card – similar to that used in smartphones – connected to the Internet. You can also book hotels, get restaurant recommendations and make emergency calls. Of course, it is recommended that all this be done with a stationary car or with a passenger.

Engine numbers and other specifications

But the BMW model is not only interesting for its 5G connectivity and semi-autonomous driving, but also for its dynamic training. Powered by a battery, the iX is capable of producing up to 523 hp of power and 78 kgfm of torque in XDrive 50 Sport configuration.

Acceleration from 0-100 km/h can be done in 4.6 seconds and its top speed is limited by electricity to 200 km/h, figures that are impressive for a 2.5-ton model. Other dimensions are: length 4.95 m, width 1.96 m, height 1.69 m and 3.00 m between the axles.

Its autonomy is 630 km, and it can be charged in 11 hours using a standard 220V socket, while with a super fast charger the time is very short: 30 minutes and the car will have more autonomy than 70%.

Are you doing the front grille?

The design of the iX is quite unique. It comes with a shiny front and a grille given nanotechnology. But what does this mean in practice? It regenerates itself, that is, if something breaks, it rebuilds itself thanks to the resins present in its structure. It also comes with heating and automatic cleaning of the radar and sensors, which are placed behind this grid.

An elegant, technological, family-style SUV without neglecting performance, it still comes with a cabin that receives glass details on the console and on the side of the doors. The sunroof is unique, and can have a panoramic or opaque view, depending on the taste of the crew, who can decide this by pressing a button.

The equipment list still offers four-zone climate control, headlights and taillights, 22-inch wheels and the model has an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.25. Currently, the BMW iX competes for market share with the Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-PACE and Mercedes EQC.

It is worth noting that, with the popularity of 5G and the increasing connectivity of cars around the world, other models will soon have this technology. Volvo already offers models with 5G, while Audi plans to launch the entire range in 2024 with this technology, which BMW also aims to do soon.

In order for all this to work in the best possible way, it is important to publicize and expand this sign in the country. Today, only Brasília and some areas of São Paulo have this sign.

BMW iX 2022 Prices:

BMW iX xDrive40 – BRL 654,950
BMW iX xDrive50 – BRL 799,950

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