BMW entrusts its traffic information service to Here Technologies

BMW entrusts its traffic information service to Here Technologies

The Bavarian manufacturer has taken a step further in its technical relationship with Hapa Technologies. BMW relies on the integrated service provider, which is a major shareholder, to take advantage of innovations in information and traffic guidance.

All the latest generation BMWs will be able to benefit from the recently approved agreement with Here Technologies.

BMW and Here Technologies continue their journey together. When the German manufacturer presented the future i7 a few days ago, it launched, on April 25, 2022, an overview of a new multi-year industrial contract that connects it with the company that is a shareholder.

In fact, this new flagship was the occasion for BMW to sign a multi-year contract related to the Here Real-Time Traffic service, a real-time traffic information service that has the gift of informing drivers accurately throughout the route. . The data the two partners have matched with the My BMW mobile app to organize a trip to the top.

In addition to the 7 Series, other models in the range are made eligible for the service. Even more, 750,000 owners of BMW cars produced in 2018 and 2019 can now benefit from it through a remote update that replaces the old traffic data provider. Note that the agreement covers 70 countries around the world.

Better Navigation

The agreement extends to other fields. BMW also called on Here Technologies to provide predictive guidance for the “Learning Navigation” function of its on-board maps. Service is therefore an integral part of the BMW8 operating system. This solution accompanies the driver every day by learning from his behavior to provide the most useful recommendations for schedules and routes.

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Functionally, this can be compared to the Waze app, but with a more robust integration that allows you to take advantage of the information reported by the vehicles themselves and not a simple user statement. BMW is therefore paving the way for more accurate and automatic event notifications to protect everyone’s road.

Recently, many manufacturers have made announcements of cooperation to have a “digital chassis” in the next generations of cars. This is especially the case of Renault or Stellantis and Qualcomm. Development is enthusiastically welcomed at Here Technologies, as evidenced by Olivier Beldi, automotive sales director in charge of the Renault-Nissan account. “We will be able to develop more advanced services such as a driving coach, smart mapping or interaction with communication infrastructures.“, he explains.