BMW confirms two new models in production in Brazil

Accelerating hard and relying more and more on the national operation, the BMW Group confirms the production of the all-new generation BMW X1, recently presented to the world, together with the New BMW 3 Series at the Araquari Plant, in Santa Catarina. Both models also featured international engineering development supported by a team based in Brazil.

“We will continue to focus on customers to nationalize the international development and local production of the best models in the national premium market. With 50 percent of the premium market share in June, we look forward to this announcement to thank customers for their preferences and appreciate the nearly 1,000 employees we are and in the country,” says Aksel Krieger, CEO and President of BMW Group Brazil. “The BMW 3 Series and X1 models have more than 25% of the total market for high-end cars in the country”, confirms the executive.

“Confirming the production of the new models, just two months after the respective presentations in Europe, reinforces the confidence that Matrix has in our production team for technology, quality and passion in Brazil,” says Otávio Rodacoswiski, Managing Director of the BMW Factory. Group in Araquari. “The production of the new 3 Series will start in September and the new X1 generation will be announced soon”, emphasizes Otávio.

The BMW Group plant in Araquari (SC) has a total area of ​​1.5 million square meters, with 112,893 square meters of built-up area. The local infrastructure completes the vehicle production processes and bodywork, welding, painting, assembly and equipment areas, as well as laboratories, administrative and auxiliary buildings. In addition, the national division, which is the largest production car factory in the continent, is the headquarters, together with the company office in São Paulo, of the only Engineering Center of the BMW Group in South America.

The production of BMW’s best-selling models in Brazil and leaders in their segments, which has strong support from local suppliers, some of whom work within the Araquari (SC) factory, is part of an investment of R$ 500. million disclosed and BMW Group last November.

Continuously working on projects worldwide, the BMW Group Brasil Engineering team was responsible for supporting global development and verifying local quality testing and Brazilian design development. Resistance tests of engines and their equipment are carried out throughout Brazil to support the work of Engenharia Mundial. Nationally, one of the main changes made, in the new X1 and in the 3 Series, is the modification and certification of the power train system, especially the exhaust gas system and the fuel tank system, to meet the new Brazilian PROCONVE requirements . L7.

“Brazilians are innovative, they are well prepared technically and our local team has been getting more and more opportunities to support the development of new international technologies. In addition to the BMW iX, 3 Series and X1 models, we will continue with new works that will be announced at the right time”, says Herbert Negele, Director of Engineering at BMW Group Brazil.

A team of local engineers optimizes the global infotainment system

The creation of the BMW Group’s Brazilian engineering team is not limited to technical aspects. As with the BMW iX, the engineering section was responsible for testing and validating the entire entertainment system, for the new X1 and the new 3 Series. Two prototype cars were built to test the systems. The X1 framework was used for the X5, while the new 3 Series used bodywork from the current model as a test car.

The testing and validation efforts carried out by the Brazilian team contributed significantly to the correct operation and quality of information systems and connectivity both domestically and for international use. In total, about 45 thousand test kilometers were covered, through Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo, as well as laboratory tests.

Headquartered in Germany, Brazil is one of BMW’s five engineering centers (the others are in the United States, China, Japan and South Korea). The quality of the investigation reported by the Brazilian team is necessary to make a better and faster analysis of the situation and, therefore, to design a process to solve these problems. This contributes to the success of these new BMW products not only for the Brazilian market, but for the whole world.