BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: Best friend to family

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: Best friend to family

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Because the first one was a success, and not a free departure for the Mercedes B-Class, BMW launches the second generation. of his example.

By Stephane Wamat

Although the train category is not as lively as it used to be, the first one is applicable Tourist it was a hit. Its main success is, in particular, attracting new types of customers by brand. So there is no question of releasing a chicken like that with golden eggs.

Note that the model is based on a platform designed for forward transmission. It is clear that this Series 2 is closer to the Series 2 Grand Coupé than the Series 2 Coupé which is still a real sports car driven by its rear wheels. It is confirmed by the front face, effectively in the same codes as the Grand Coupé. Additionally, it still has a compact despite the slight increase, the new Active Tourist it has a much better and more flexible balance than its predecessor. Inside, a dashboard with a very horizontal structure creates a front air space, while the rear seats and boots have benefited from new dimensions.

BMW offers a model in 150 diesel chbasically 136 ch and in a small hybrid petrol 170 or 218 hp. Later comes a hybrid version of 326 plug-ins ch, which promises 90 miles of range of electricity. We tried 170 chand we can say that it can only satisfy the target audience of Active Tourist, for his display of great honesty and for his general approval. It’s a little safer in relation to more drivers demand better liked the brand for its emotions, especially because of its smooth operation, ideal for family use but very artificial for anyone looking for something “touching the road“We will have to resign one day: BMWs with a special spirit and sports spirit have been few in number.


Series 2 Active Tourer starts at 34,250 euros with (surprisingly) basic equipment that is far from standard.


They changed it for us, Used Tourist. She was not very pretty before, but now she has a real beauty, from every angle. Interior, amazing! Lots of storage space in the middle cone, comfortable rear seats due to a slippery bench seat, and good trunk. The sheet mentions 470 liters, but that is for the basic version, when the bench seat is at the very front. For hybrid batteries and for the preference of the footroom, we are more than 400 liters. It is a beautiful, well-thought-out, quite sensible car. But without being true car lovers, we are still among those who wonder if BMW should be so smart.!»


Series 2 Applies Tourist is a metaphor for words “clothes do not make a man“First of all, this car is not a BMW as it is thought by the collective consciousness. MPV suffers from this under SUVs.! For version 170 ch a small hybrid of our experiment, BMW announces an average of 5.9 l / 100 km. In a very mixed course, if you choose the economic operating conditions, this is the average we got. Lovely surprise! Proof that even when he quits his sports career, the brand still knows how to repair an engine at the edge of technology.


L / W / H (mm): 4386/1824/15765 seats
1520kg – Engine 3 cylinder. 1.5 liters of gasoline gentle hybrid Power: 170 ch – Couples: 280Nm – WLTP usage: 5.9l / 100km -CO2WLTP: 134g / km
Price: 35250 euros plus VAT

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