block charging stations for electric cars this winter?

block charging stations for electric cars this winter?

In an attempt to reduce our energy consumption this winter, several methods are currently being explored. One of them would include blocking, or even cutting off, part of certain charging stations for electric vehicles.

The electricity distribution network operator RTE proposes to reduce national energy consumption by 1 to 15% during the coming winter, depending on the weather. Among the proposed methods, the use of stations dedicated to electric vehicles existing in the car park of higher education buildings (in other words those for academic use, editor’s note) which may be “restricted to emergency use between 8 am and 1 pm and between 6 pm and 8 pm”emphasizes the RTE report.

Green or red boss light

The lyrics of this same report go so far as to suggest, always in these rush hours, “cutting access to charging stations for electric vehicles in the parking areas of these high-rise buildings.“. Of course, this device would only be used in the event of very high voltage on the French electricity network and could not be done without the approval of companies and public authorities in car parks where charging stations are installed. Therefore, we summarize : we are encouraged, weak word, buying an electric car … which may be denied driving next winter, due to the deprivation of juice?

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Posted on 09/21/2022 Updated 09/21/2022