“Bitcoin King” Lamborghini To Be Auctioned

“Bitcoin King” Lamborghini To Be Auctioned

PF returned to the Federal Court the Lamborghini that belonged to the fictitious “King of Bitcoin”, Cláudio José de Oliveira. Next week, the car goes up for public auction, and the court returns to make the seized items available for purchase.

In 2021, the Federal Police launched Operation Daemon against the Bitcoin Banco Group, which had among its businesses the broker Negocie Coins, TemBTC, among others.

A criminal organization was accused of crimes against investors, since when placing bitcoins on the platform, the customer did not know that the value was lost.

The person responsible for the crime was a boss who was known by the nickname “King of Bitcoin”. Promoting luxury parties throughout Brazil, sponsoring Bitcoin community events, he ended up winning the trust of many investors.

It is estimated that the damage left by him and his group of companies exceeds billions, and after the outbreak of PF he was arrested and, in 2022, he was sentenced to prison.

PF returns the Lamborghini from the King of Bitcoin, the initial bid at the auction will be R $ 629,000.

After the outbreak of Operation Daemon, the Federal Police requested permission from the Court of Curitiba so that the luxury car of the “Bitcoin King” could be loaned for a few months.

It is common for the PF to show fear in public displays, which shows the importance of fighting organized crime in Brazil, which usually leaves traces wherever they go.

The last time Cláudio’s “lambo” was seen in public was in the city of Londrina, in January 2022, when PF showed the luxury car in local shops.

Now, PF has returned the car to the Federal Court, which is already placing the Bitcoin King’s Lamborghini among the assets that will be auctioned to raise money. One of the intentions is to find funds to compensate the victims of the financial crisis.

The starting bid for this Lamborghini will be R$629,000, with the auction scheduled for next week, July 22, at 10:20 am, Brasília time. If the car is not sold by the date, it will be shown again on July 29, at the same time.

Kronberg Leilões announces this judicial auction, the same company that, in December 2021, developed the first stage of the sale of the property seized by the PF.

Other items that will be auctioned are the property of the scam

The new product auction from the former King of Bitcoin is again showing the products that were not sold in the first stage in 2021.

So, two more cars become to be shown and the company involved, one from the BMW brand and the other from Honda.

In addition, elegant handbags and wallets are is available for purchases, with values ​​from R$ 500.00. The money raised will be available for the federal right to monitor the actions of the group, which is considered bankrupt.