Binotto’s Definition Information for Leclerc

Binotto’s Definition Information for Leclerc

Mattia Binotto, the head of the Ferrari team, tried to justify the reasons that prompted Scuderia to drop Charles Leclerc under a security vehicle Sunday in Silverstone.

Charles Leclerc did not understand why Ferrari did not call him back to the pits, when a security vehicle intervened on the road in the 40th round of the race, as he was leading the British Grand Prix.

The decision condemned Monegasque, leaving him with worn-out tires on the restart site while all the other drivers behind him stopped to put on new tires, along with his colleague Carlos Sainz.

Leclerc looked very angry at the end of the Grand Prix on Sunday, and it is clear that the statement of Mattia Binotto, his boss, will not comfort him. Once again, this seems like a serious judicial error on the part of the reds.

“We thought we did not have time to bring back our two driversjustified the main Scuderia team. From then on, we decided not to bring Charles for any reason. »

“First, because he was in the lead and we weren’t sure he would lose his first place if one of his opponents didn’t stand up. Then he had cleaner tires that were cleaner. moreover, soft tires would break quickly, which it was not » concludes Binotto.

A little comfort for Leclerc: Max Verstappen, his main opponent in the crown race, scored very few points Sunday in Silverstone when he finished just seventh in the Grand Prix. This allowed Monegasque to get back into the 43-yard line for the Red Bull driver in the tournament.

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