“Big” for Mercedes to beat the two Ferraris

“Big” for Mercedes to beat the two Ferraris

As in other Grands Prix before, mercedes showed signs of an interesting rhythm in Hungary, and the pole position of george russell Saturday and the second chance of Lewis Hamilton eight seconds behind the winner Max Verstappen. If Russell posted a slightly slower pace than his teammate throughout the event, using the mirror strategy of the seven-time World Champion, he still made it to the podium.

In the operation, two Silver Arrows defeated the two Ferrari. If the race Charles Leclerc crashed mainly due to poor strategy and poor track on the hard tyre, Carlos Sainz on the other hand was well beaten with a clean rhythm by Hamilton. Briton took stock “very satisfying” his team’s overall results, especially as we approach the half-year break that has been disappointing and disappointing.

“It’s a good feeling for us, given the year we’ve had, and obviously [ç’en est une] to see the progress we have begun to make”Hamilton said. “[En France]to get second place was already big for us, and now it’s two races in a row that George and I have shared the podium, which is nice for the team, in terms of points.”

Lewis Hamilton crosses the finish line while the Mercedes team is on the pit wall

“Finishing both ahead of Ferrari is huge for us, given the speed they had. And for me, obviously, starting seventh and getting to this point is a big relief. The problems we had all weekend, it shows that we have a very good pace.”

Changes to the Technical Regulations for the 2022 season have thrown Mercedes off its footing, with Red Bull and Ferrari seen since the start of the season as the two teams that have best negotiated the turn of this air revolution. The W13, while strong in concept and the popular “zero pontoon” design, suffered from general grip and bounce issues. Hamilton even explained to the Finnish channel Viaplay that the manufacturer had to do this “reduce the power to prevent rebounds”.

However, with several races, most of the problems seem to be solved and the team can work on unlocking the potential of their package. And with a new two-man podium in Budapest, it is just 30 points behind Ferrari in the constructors’ standings, with as many podiums (11) as the Scuderia in the first 13 GPs.

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