Bentley Continental GT speed pushed up to 347 km/h!

Bentley Continental GT speed pushed up to 347 km/h!

YouTube channel AutoTopNL makes a 659 hp English W12 talking on a German highway. As a result, the coupé exceeds the maximum speed of 335 km / h announced by the British manufacturer!

With denomination with the word “Speed”, we must hope for that The example in question goes fast, very fast. Or too fast? Master the art of pushing cars to the limit on the German Autobahn, the experts from AutoTopNL have done it a surprising discovery. Bentley would be lies about the top speed of the most powerful version of his Continental GT!

659 hp and 900 Nm of torque

His Majesty’s Builder officially announces it bi-turbo W12 6L for its coupe development 659 hp and 900 Nm of torque. Still… Such riders let him wait 100 km / h in justice 3.6 seconds. Interesting for a car over 2 tons! You probably have its 4-wheel drive system to thank for such performance. As for its top speed, it would be announced at a speed of 335 kilometers per hour. Really?

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He lives up to his name!

If we ask ourselves the question, it is that in difficult less than two minutes, counter already displays 336 km / h on the German autobahn section without speed limits! And he continues up to 347 km/h! Can a manufacturer be ambitious about the maximum speed of his machine? Maybe … Still, the Bentley Continental GT speed He certainly didn’t steal his name…

Check out the video of this Bentley Continental GT speeding on the autobahn below:

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