Bentley Continental “Car of Art” in 24 Hours of Business

Bentley Continental “Car of Art” in 24 Hours of Business

The stunning and exclusive Bentley Continental GT3 at the start of this weekend’s GT World Challenge event in Spa. It is mainly driven by Nigel Bailly, a disabled Belgian driver who distinguished himself during the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2021.

A Beautiful Bentley Continental GT3 “Car of Art”piloted by the Swiss Antonin Borga but also the Belgians Maxime Soulet, Nigel Bailly and yours Stéphane Lémeret, participates in the second part of the season. GT World Challenge European Enduranceat the 24 Hours of Business-Francorchamps, from July 28 to 31, 2022. This fantastic project sees Britain’s best racing car impress people while driving for a good cause.

Fuel on fire

It is shared by the French team CMR which is one of the leading teams in the world of Grand Touring, the Bentley Continental GT3 decorated with the number 107 is decorated with a very unique dress designed by a famous artist, John Boghossian, in pure style in the tradition of “Art Cars” that have raced in competition for over half a century. This Lebanese artist stands out by using fire and smoke in many works. A very rare practice in the art world. That’s all it took to create an impressive version that deserves to be seen in a field of nearly fifty GT3s on the best circuits in the world.

For a good reason

Partners and sponsors of this program are committed for the benefit of the non-profit organization YourGT. Founded in 2017, it aims promote cooperation and sport for people with reduced mobility. It wants to give them practice of sports activities in rehabilitation centers. YourGT will support, among other things, the Sports Association of the Center for Traumatology and Rehabilitation (ASCTR) and thus will allow people with disabilities to practice sport, whether in competition, recreation or leisure.

Cousin of the road

Alongside the Bentley Continental GT “Art Car” that continues on the road and various themed collectibles, the GT3 will participate in various events in Brussels and abroad. At the end of August, the ongoing Continental GT and associated collection will take center stage at the Boghossian Foundation Summer Party.

In October, the highlight will be the Gala evening and the “auction” of the complete collection ” CAR ART by Boghossian “. You can afford a Bentley race but also a door, hood or even a bonnet.

The meeting continues ArtOnCars website for more information.

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