Bentley celebrates 20 years in China with an exclusive car collection.

Bentley celebrates 20 years in China with an exclusive car collection.

The company will sell 80 models exclusively for the Chinese market and inspired by the city of London.

Bentley, the British heritage that is exported.

To celebrate two decades of its establishment in the Middle Kingdom, Bentley intends to bet on isolation. As part of the anniversary operation, 80 V8-powered cars will be sold to Chinese customers. Their common thread? A tribute to the capital of England.

The first row The Guard Continental GT therefore it should be inspired by the silhouettes and colors of the uniforms of the royal guards at the time Carnaby Continental GTC will favor the bright colors of Carnaby Street in the Soho district. The third design in the series, Pall Mall Flying Spur will celebrate the State limousine presented to the Queen in 2002, along with a convertible picnic table. Finally, Savile Row Bentayga will be a nod to the tailoring district by taking, for example, the embroidery of the suit and the bow tie on the headrests.

Carnaby Continental GTC ©Bentley

This unique line is meant to celebrate the relationship between the manufacturer and China while targeting the top customers for the luxury industry. Therefore, if America stood as the most attractive market for the manufacturer in 2021, China experienced an estimated +40% increase in sales during the same periodor more than 4,000 cars sold.

The increase goes hand in hand with the growing Chinese appetite for high-end cars. Boosted by electric and hybrid models, luxury car sales in the country are expected to increase by more than 8% in the period 2021-2026 according to the analysis company. Mind of Mordor. According to forecasts, the market can reach 260 billion dollars in revenue in four years.