benefits of the Renault-Nissan Alliance

benefits of the Renault-Nissan Alliance

The new 2023 Mitsubishi ASX. © Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi, of which Nissan owns 34% (itself 40% owned by Renault within the alliance of three), will quickly take advantage of these market shares, from March 2023, its ASX. This versatile city SUV is none other than the rebadged Renault Captur with a special chromed grille (4.23 m long, 1.80 m wide and 1.57 m tall).

Iberian twin brother

Assembled in the same Spanish factory as Captur, in Valladolid, this ASX also takes a range of engines. Either 3-cyl. turbo-petrol 1.0 MPI-T of 91 hp, 4-cyl. 1.3 DI-T with 12 V hybrid with 140 hp in manual gearbox and 158 hp in dual-clutch gearbox, as well as full hybrid 1.6 l HEV with 145 hp or 160 hp in PHEV.

Mitsubishi has not yet approved CO certification2 and fuel consumption, with hybrid versions using new, higher-capacity batteries for 2023, as is the Renault Captur. So it will be 10.5 kWh (instead of 9.8 kWh) for PHEV, and 1.3 kWh (instead of 1.2 kWh) for HEV.

2023 Mitsubishi ASX: 5 year warranty

Similarly, the manufacturer has not yet communicated the price and finishes. This is to put this ASX wisely in relation to the Renault Captur 2023, but also to the Nissan Juke Hybrid, its close cousins. Note that Mitsubishi applies to this new city SUV a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years/100,000 km, for support. He is three years older than his two colleagues.