Ben Affleck: his 10-year-old son seals his Lamborghini

Ben Affleck: his 10-year-old son seals his Lamborghini


A visit to a luxury car shop went to Samuel Affleck.

No car is damaged and everyone is fine.

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Ben Affleck’s son Samuel, 10, accidentally hit a Lamborghini SUV inside a parked BMW while visiting a car dealership in Los Angeles.

The actress and her fiancé Jennifer Lopez took the young man to the 777 Exotics luxury car store. Video footage obtained by several media outlets shows Samuel sliding behind the yellow Lamborghini Urus wheel, with his father standing near the open driver’s door with Jennifer Lopez sitting in the back seat.

From those videos, it appears that Samuel used reverse gear while the engine was running, crashing into a white BMW parked in the back. The rear bumper of the passenger side of the SUV came in contact with the wheel and the left front fender of the rear car.

After the shock Samuel got out of the car and his father came to meet him and they both looked for no damage. More fear than harm: BMW did not experience any damage, nor did the Lamborghini. A spokesman for the actor confirmed to TMZ that no car was damaged and everyone was fine.

A 777 Exotics employee also told “New York Post” that he would gladly welcome Afflecks back to his company, despite a slight run. “When Samuel got in the chariot, he went back and forth. We have a small plot, and the cars are nearby. Everyone escaped! They seemed happy and continued their tour, ”he said.

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