Beijing 2020: The concept of Buick Electra

Beijing 2020: The concept of Buick Electra

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  • Proposal for a large future electric crossover
  • It could share its platform with Cadillac Lyriq

Cadillac was given the honor of announcing a new phase of GM lightning strikes, by Lyric. GMC followed by Hummer, now Buick. It’s in his market nationally main that this concept was presented at the Beijing Car Exhibition.

The name Electra certainly evokes electric impulses. But it also draws on the past of the brand. In 1959, Buick Electra replaced Super and Roadmaster on the line. Six generations of sedans will follow, as far as the case may have in terms of coupé, convertible, and even station wagon in the 1980s. The line ends in 1991 with the launch of Park Avenue. At the time, it was of course not an electronic model. The name actually pays homage to sculptor Electra Wagoner Biggswhose brother-in-law at the time was the boss of Buick … The first generation of Buick Electra stands down in front of the Lockheed L188 Electra … which takes its name from the same person.

Whether the Buick sedan case was considered a few years ago by the Avenir concept, is no longer a question today. So Buick Electra is part of this wave of concepts half between SUV and sedan. Wheelchair sedan, lowered SUV? If scissors doors exist to give a more conceptual sound, we will notice some flexibility and above all horizontal lines. No sharp corners, unnecessary and tortured lines. The high glass-filled structure and passenger component contribute to the declared “spaceship” status. This takes us back to the time of the first Buick Electras, as well as the celestial impulses of the bodies of that time …

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Will the electronic switch be an opportunity for Buick to increase its offer to differentiate itself from Chevrolet in China? This is also what this concept suggests, with a name that impresses the glorious days of brand …

to summarize

For his most sophisticated car, Buick chose to draw a name from his rich history. And with the high-end electronic model of the future, what is the name other than Electra?