Beast: Joe Biden’s car is even anti-missile

Beast: Joe Biden’s car is even anti-missile

The presidential car is built on a truck chassis

Super Cadillac has a V8 diesel engine, but it does not reach 100 km / h

The new president of the United States, Joe Biden, officially took office on the 20th.

Apart from the usual event held at the inauguration which was not attended by the former president Donald Trump, what attracted the attention of the attendees was the car of the president Joe Biden.


nickname “The Beast” (something like “Beast”, in free translation), Cadillac One is built on the chassis of the GMC Topkick truck.

The choice was made because the base of a conventional vehicle would not resist reinforcement from heavy weapons mounted on the vehicle.

It holds a grenade and a missile

Even the walls of the house are not that thick…

Few details are known about the car, even for security reasons. However, the American media has already revealed some interesting secrets.

Ballistic protection is made of steel, aluminum and titanium. The plates are 20 cm thick on the body and 12.7 cm on the windows. This means that the vehicle can withstand attacks from grenades and even small missiles.

Tires are made with a special compound that combines rubber and kevlar. They can run completely empty, and the One runs even without tires, as the edges of the wheels are specially prepared for this.

good blood

The limousine even has a direct line to the Pentagon (photo: reproduction / Car and Driver)

In addition to being armored, the fuel tank receives a layer of special foam that prevents fire. The cabin is fully enclosed to protect the agent from chemical attack.

The Beast’s equipment list is impressive. There are tear gas canisters, night vision cameras, oxygen tanks and, surprisingly, even a blood bag of the same type as the president.

And not that all. The car that will now serve Joe Biden also comes with fire extinguishers inside the cabin and a 12-gauge shotgun for emergency use. Biden will also have access to the Internet from anywhere in the world, a satellite phone and even a direct line to communicate with the Pentagon.

A large limousine has room for seven passengers, including the driver. However, it usually carries only three people: a driver, a security agent and the president himself.


A V8 diesel engine propels the 8-tonne beast (photo: reproduction/Car and Driver)

Weighing a staggering eight tons, the Cadillac is powered by a 6.5 V8 diesel engine. Despite this, the performance is not surprising: it takes 15 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h and the maximum speed does not exceed 96 km / h.

Anyone who thinks there is only one car is wrong. There are 12 identical copies, two of which accompany the president on his travels.

One of the cars, in fact, only serves as “bait” for possible attacks. In addition to the two limousines (which travel in an exclusive C-17 Globemaster aircraft), the presidential delegation also uses a similarly armed Chevrolet Suburban to support the security team.

The US Secret Service places other vehicles in a secret facility, and swaps between them. According to the “mission”, up to 45 cars can make up the presidential convoy.