Be careful, worry failure would occur after a quick charge

Be careful, worry failure would occur after a quick charge

Several Renault Mégane E-Tech owners have encountered a technical problem after recharging their vehicle at the current automatic terminal. Currently, only models without a heat pump seem to be affected. Renault has not yet communicated officially about it.

Are some Renault Mégane E-Techs doomed to recall? The question is worth asking based on several testimonials shared on the Facebook community group “100% electric RENAULT Megane E-Tech“. Here we will break it down and try to understand the situation.

A few cases, for now

The problem would only concern models without a heat pump. Invoiced as an option of 600 euros, the heat pump makes it possiblesave electricity consumption when using heating », describes the official website of the brand. It also performs another very important function.

A heat pump allows you to pre-charge your battery before a quick charge period on the appropriate terminal, to improve the charge involved. At the time of writing, 4,736 Renault Mégane E-Techs have been sold since its launch. according to data from AAA Data.

However, there is no known figure as part of the Mégane E-Tech without a heat pump. Unofficially, around 15 cases would be reported to Renault. In theory, this would account for less than 0.5% of total sales. Also, it is impossible to say at the moment that all Megane E-Tech without a heat pump is involved.


What exactly is the problem with the Renault Mégane E-Tech? A breakdown of the air conditioner compressor that would occur after recharging at a direct current rate, whether at an Ionity terminal or a Tesla Supercharger. One of the users who encountered this error explained the process.

When you connect the car to the Supercharger, and leave the car, the air conditioner does not work and therefore the compressor breaks.“. The person concerned contacted Renault customer service, who advised him to keep his car with the air conditioner on, even in the cold, when his car is connected to the Supercharger.

Renault advice not so good?

Renault is said to be working on the problem to deliver a solution by the end of the year. To combat this problem, the French brand for example could install a heat pump as standard on all its Megane E-Tech.

Except that at the time of writing these lines, it is very difficult to understand the direct link between the presence or absence of a heat pump, and the breakdown of the air compressor. More technical and precise information from Renault would be welcome.


Another member of the Facebook community group, also shared a similar experience:My wife and I were in the car when a loud mechanical breaking noise occurred at the end of a charge on the Ionity charger.“. In the question, there is also a problem related to the compressor.

This Internet user also disagrees with Renault’s advice. In response to the first person quoted, he claims that he stayed “in the car with the air conditioner on» charging time. For him, it isso that solution doesn’t work“.

Renault is still silent

A similar story with another customer who explains that he was “i was fine in the car with the air conditioner on when my compressor broke“. And to conclude:The problem is that there is a problem with the car and no one knows where it can come from.“.

With more holiday travel expected in August, and logical stops at Supercharger or Ionity stations, the testimonials may continue to pile up in the coming weeks.

Frandroidcontacted Renault 24 hours before the publication of this article to clarify the situation. We have not received any response yet.

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