battery reuse and recycling partnership

battery reuse and recycling partnership

AVEM has formalized a partnership with TEAM2 (Environmental Technologies Applied to Materials and Materials), the a national competitiveness cluster dedicated to the circular economy and recycling.

A partnership that makes sense

TEAM2 is the only competitive group dedicated to the circular economy and recycling in France. It leads, supports and promotes industries dedicated to the production and use of new resources produced by innovative recycling processes. TEAM2 breaks down its action through 5 Strategic Action Areas:

  • strategic metals;
  • Living things;
  • Minerals, building waste, contaminated areas and soil;
  • French processing equipment manufacturers and engineers;
  • The creative cycles of the circular economy.

Based in the Hauts-de-France region, TEAM2 is fully committed to the latest regional trends aiming to make this region one of the highest in Europe in terms of energy transition and digital technology.

AVEM, for its part, is a community of electro-mobility players that has approximately 120 members and wishes, thanks to this collaboration, to be more involved in the matter of reuse and recycle electric car batteries. “This partnership is an opportunity to work together, to combine our strengths and our networks to develop a rapidly growing industry towards a circular economy that benefits stakeholders and the climate. The purpose of this partnership is to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Having these goals for together, partnerships were naturally formed » says Sandrine HENRY, chief member of AVEM.

The importance of the circular economy in electric mobility

In an electric vehicle, the battery is an element that requires great attention from the point of view of environmental impact. This collaboration between AVEM and TEAM2 emphasizes the importance of incorporating the principles of circular economy and recycling in electric mobility, from the beginning of the project.

Antoine GARANDEAU, Business Manager for Manufacturers of Cleaning and Refining Equipment for Metals at TEAM2 it proves and that’s why “TEAM2 supports its members in starting innovation projects. In particular to develop industrial solutions for the recycling of Li-ion batteries from waste to the production of new cells or to support solutions for the reuse and recovery of electric vehicle batteries before recycling”.

The stakes are really high as more than 17 million electric cars and plug-in hybrids in France in 2035. The ultimate battery life management thus it has an important role in the automotive sector to increase the efficiency of the use of resources, reduce the cost of cars but also create local jobs.