Axie Infinity (AXS): the number of users is exploding!

Axie Infinity (AXS): the number of users is exploding!

The remaining time – Axie Infinity offers software to create new features on Axies (NFT) applications. Everything shows that this strategy is working. Axie Infinity’s user base is growing and the NFT blockchain game is celebrating. Under the shadow of the Chinese New Year, the playing tiger prepares firecrackers and fireworks. Light on the holiday program!

Axie Infinity (AXS): ad parade

It all started on January 19. Axie Infinity then ad open a program development projectur theirs content creators. Every selected program will benefit from it $5,000 (in AXS) from warranty.

Sky Mavisthe company that develops Axie Infinity, has a fund of $400,000 (still in AXS) for this program. Everything will be studied: the philosophy of the project, the gameplay, the possibilities and the impact on the users… In the parameters mustof course you will have to use the tokens of the Axie Infinity ecosystem, AXS and SLP (and the duty to burn SLPs in the game procedure, for example).

“In short, the goal of this program is to build the capacity of our community to create gaming experiences and tools, while managing risks (…)”

The Lunacian, the official magazine of Axie Infinity

Then, starting January 20, SkyMavis offered Axies owners to burn their AXS (from January 20 to February 20). In exchange, the user gets a Decorative NFTs to earth, inspired by the Lunar New Year.

Additionally, each Axie burned produces a ticket of participating in a a drop of air. The first prize is 5 AOC signs. These are tokens that can be redeemed for Origin Axies, the very first Axies available during the game’s pre-sale in 2018. The other 49 lottery tickets will have NFTs to collect in Axie Infinity countries.

5 prizes to be won as part of the AXS giveaway – Source: Axie Infinity (Twitter)

All these features allow new interests towards the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

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Ronin and Katana: kings of the parade

Also, these ads attract users and create new work for ecosystem signals Ronin. Some players then sleep take advantage of the low price of Axies to buy and burn them to increase their chances of getting the top prize. Ronin and Katana then resume service.

Indeed, 2 days after the announcement of the development plan, Dappradar informs the users of the wallet Ronin there are many more nearby 20%when users of Katana (Ronin’s power exchange) saw their user base grow exponentially 40%. The strategy seems to be working.

number of users Axie Infinity Ronin (+19.40%) Katana (+38.76%)
Evolution of Ronin and Katana user population – Source: Dappradar

Axie Infinity: creative fireworks

The cry of the play-picking tiger collection works. The community is responding. With his creativity, he even organizes events (eg fan art contests, content creation). This joint construction excites the user. Indeed, his participation through work and investment creates a different link with the game.

“Together, we are creating the world of Axie. Whether you are a Content Creator, Community Developer, Guild Leader, Axie Collector, Arena Fighter, or Breeder, each of you is an important missionary in your quest to create a new genre. It is one of many programs new ones that we will be introducing in 2022. to encourage the joint construction of the world of Axie. »

A Lunacian

The bomb can be shot. Axie Infinity releases a new season of the game today “player vs player” (PVP) after mobilizing and increasing his soldiers. The rest of the day starts with the release of the new RON token, at the beginning of February. It could be the last bouquet of these Axian holidays. The community, however, hopes that the bitter market will not end the party.

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