Avere-Ouest at the Côtes-d’Armor electric mobility exhibition – AVEM

Avere-Ouest at the Côtes-d’Armor electric mobility exhibition – AVEM

Avere-Ouest electric mobility project manager, Olivier Grégoire welcomed visitors to the Côtes-d’Armor EV show. To inform the drivers and their families, he distributed information brochures and offered fun little activities for children.

Avere-Ouest position

To find Avere-Ouest’s stand at the electric mobility fair held in Saint-Brieuc from Friday September 2 to Sunday September 4, 2022, you had to go to one of the halls of the convention center, guided by a line of honor created. of modern Teslas, Mercedes and Volvos.

Olivier Grégoire was on his right the extreme position of Pascal Georgel where very interesting events related to sustainable mobility were shown. On the other hand, the ACO (Automobile club de l’ouest) was also ready to inform the public as soon as the website was opened at 10 am.

Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 show

However, the space allocated to Avere-Ouest benefited from a convenient location, next to the entrance doors. The project manager’s charming smile and communication features did the rest.


5 large, impossible-to-miss rooms, covered mainly with greenery, did not create a static landscape. In addition to 2 signs, the first of which announced ” A city without noise » and the mediation station, there was a car with 2 large studs in the back and a charging station.

Avere-Ouest stand at the Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 show

Under the body, there is a converted old electric children’s car. By handling the remote control, young visitors must point to start this connector at the payment terminal », explains Olivier Grégoire. This fun activity helps to arouse the public’s curiosity.

These items were invented and developed for internal training future program. We owe all the design to a company based in Carquefou, near Nantes “, shows the project manager.

2 different viewers

Last Friday, September 2, the exhibition of electric mobility was reserved for professionals from the public and private sectors. It’s an audience that Olivier Grégoire knows well. He is used to lead training sessions around the Advenir program which is specifically aimed at developing payments in France.

For this purpose, it intervenes between groups made up of elected leaders and local actors. ” I benefit from the support of strong departmental alliances, each of which follows a master plan. It’s a lot of education, with solid examples about, for example, payment center rates “, he reports.

Avere-Ouest stand at the Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 show

With this training, we come to meet the need. We help elected officials think about the use of stations in their area so they can choose the right structures with the right power in direct and/or alternating current. “, he insists.

Ask the right questions

Today, there is a real need for stations in the form of a hub, with different charges based on power, and an incentive to move around in front of the stations. “says Olivier Grégoire.

Among the good questions that the elected leaders should ask themselves before creating their payment network, that of the presence of available centers or coming to the area set in the service by real estate and tourism professionals. These elected leaders must be particularly aware of the projects in this area of ​​private actors and encourage them to close the payment facilities, in order to reduce public investment. “, he insists.

During the training, we also present slides about investment and maintenance costs that are sometimes a little overlooked. “, he continues.

The general public

The Avere-Ouest project manager also received the general public on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September. What he wants to highlight to individuals is that ” Sustainable mobility is first and foremost about reducing and improving transport. And if you have to use a private car, then the choice must be an electric model. “.

Avere-Ouest flyer

What are the special tools for drivers? ” I have 2 flyers for them’I run electric‘ to help them make VE changes, Ademe sourced and verified. The first responds to the 10 ideas received “, presents Olivier Grégoire.

In particular, it is a matter of removing the awareness of the electric car about its use in the city, the short life of its batteries, the long charging time, the price of the machine, the cost of use, its impact on the environment, etc.

Before going to the dealer

Also with the slogan ” Plug, ride, breathe… », the second leaflet distributed at the Avere-Ouest stand is a questionnaire to register, as a couple and even as a family, before going to the dealer. Its role is to help make the right choice of electric vehicle.

The first part of 5 questions the actual needs: daily mileage, exceptional long journeys, type of residence (house with garage or shared building) and the possibility of recharging at the workplace. Then it’s a question of thinking about the car itself: type (city car, sedan, SUV, utility, etc.), budget, variety needed, number of seats on board, etc.

Côtes-d'Armor VE 2022 show

The third part should be completed by the sales consultant at the dealer to know the characteristics of the expected new or second-hand model: range, battery power capacity, charging possibilities and times, usage, warranty period on the car and the pack, cables and badges provided by adding oil, etc.

The fourth section invites you to identify the purchase assistance provided by the government, local authorities (city, capital, department, region), manufacturer, etc. The flyer ends with a chance to record the emotions felt during the test drive.