Automatic.  Goetelmann plows the land

Automatic. Goetelmann plows the land

Public meetings

Langres. Two Alsatian pilots were working in Langres. Maxime Goetelmann, led by Aurélien Beaudoin, started his first event on dry land during this round of the French Championship contested in Haute-Marne.

“There were many unknowns, except our good relationship between driver and co-driver, explains the veteran normally at the wheel of BMW. The world is like a certain world. It was necessary to ignore the fact that the car suffers in these chaotic ways .. . It was a physical meeting for the heat and especially at the back. We reached the finish without many problems despite a few small incidents, but we are very satisfied with our first experience. Thanks to Eddy Marchal who trusted us by renting his C2 and the whole support team which took great care. »

As for Jean-Robert Nehr, assisted by Clément Peter, he began a full season of discovery in the gravel championship. “It was a good meeting and a very good stage, I liked it. Except that the car was giving us problems… We gave up after the last special, we broke the steering wheel in the finishing cell… It’s still a good way to learn,” explains the driver from Mollau.

Rome. Manu Guigou and Kevin Bronner appeared at the Rome rally but the event was quickly canceled. “Unfortunately, I misplaced my foot while attacking the brakes and slipped on the pedal. The penalty was quick and our car stopped the race by staying in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, the damage was too great to restart on Sunday and try to get precious points “, explains Guigou. With his Bas-Rhin teammate, he already had his sights set on Barum at the end of August.


Marchamp. Damien Chamberod won again last weekend in Marchamp. It is not easy to compete with Billy Ritchen (2e ) The difference in the engine was too great to cope with Isérois, the writer of the climb record.

“I’m very satisfied with my lap times, I also broke the V8 engine record on the climb. But it is true that it faces unrestricted turbos, it is very difficult. We returned important points for the championship. We will try to give everything for the next race, Mont-Dore “, notes Haut-Rhinois.

Kevin Jr. is 4 years olde at the beginning and head of the CN+ division. His nephew Axel signed 10e place and won the trophy for the best young rider. In Formula Renault, Nico Neis has 2 yearse despite leaving the route during the last climb, while Gaëtan Bischoff is satisfied with 5e square.

In Production, Philippe Schmitter took the podium with his RS01, one place better than Polo Reutter and his Porsche 991 Cup.