Automatic.  After his fatal accident in Chamrousse, Damien Chamberod gives his news

Automatic. After his fatal accident in Chamrousse, Damien Chamberod gives his news

He was seriously injured on August 21 while climbing the 46th hill of Chamrousse, Damien Chamberod gave news of his health condition on one of his social networks. Encouraging news for all his followers.

“To begin with, the pneumothorax in the right lung is being treated and a radiological examination is planned in ten days”, explains the pilot from Noyarey, the victim of a violent flight followed by a fire in his car. “As for my back, the compression of the lower back and two broken vertebrae make it very painful. Putting on a corset was impossible with the puncture of his chest, but a few short walks in his last days and a medical bed are doing me good. »

“Finally, the burn, on the left calf, right tibia, torso and the whole right arm remains more difficult and cleans the wounds at home every two days”, notes Chamberod, who “has thoughts for my friend Geoffrey ( Schatz, mountain champion of the ruling France), who has been suffering for two months “, after an accident on the mountain of Vuillafans last July, and also a fire in his car. “An appointment has been scheduled for next week to find out if there will be a need for a transplant or not. »

As we can see, Damien Chamberod is far from likely to return to racing, while his main competitor for the title of French mountain champion 2022, Billy Ritchen, has just been crowned after climbing the hill of Turckheim last weekend in Alsace.

Time is everything for recovery. And to the pilot’s gratitude for the many messages of sympathy he has received since this terrible August 21: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help. Although I would have preferred this to be in other circumstances…”