AutoData Editora – Volkswagen resumes the second round at Anchieta in March

AutoData Editora – Volkswagen resumes the second round at Anchieta in March

São Paulo – Volkswagen’s Anchieta Unit, in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, will resume in March the second production shift, suspended three months ago due to a lack of semiconductors. To create a workforce, about 1,000 miners, out of a total of 1,900 laid off, will return to work on the 2nd, after Carnival.

The information from the Union of Metalworkers ABC, was confirmed by the car manufacturing company.

With this, the expectation is that the amount of cars manufactured in the Anchieta factory, which currently runs around 370 per day, will double. From the production line come the models of Nivus, Virtus, Polo and Saveiro. The total daily capacity of the unit is 1,100 cars, a mark reached by three production shifts, which has not happened since 2020.

Although the chip supply crisis has not yet been resolved – and, according to Anfavea’s estimates, it should continue throughout this year, and may be resolved only in 2023 -, the supply improvement allowed the automaker to return to the second round. The director of the union’s administration, Wellington Messias Damasceno said to balance the equation, the car manufacturer directs production according to the availability of electronic equipment and, in times of great scarcity, cars that take fewer chips are given priority, in the case of Saveiro. .

About 1,000 workers will be brought back early, as most of them were laid off in November, when the employment contract of 1,900 professionals was terminated. The leave period was expected to last up to five months.

Damasceno highlighted that the reintroduction of the second shift has a positive impact on the entire production chain: “Not all suppliers have the same capacity as car manufacturers to maintain their workforce during production downturns. To cope with laziness, some of them move to other places to fill the gaps, while others end up evicting them. With the increase in the amount produced, it is possible that foreign companies will enter into contracts”.

According to a trade unionist, it is usually calculated that, for every hire at a car manufacturer, up to eight jobs are lost in the chain. In this case, even if it is not about a new position, returning to work should create job opportunities, he assessed.

In Volkswagen, surplus also decreased. Although updated numbers have not been released, the company identified 450 unemployed workers as of the beginning of the year. The POS that ended in January, however, involved 174 professionals. The São Bernardo plant currently has about 8,000 employees.

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