AutoData Editora – Toyota’s new engine export contract also increases production in São Bernardo

AutoData Editora – Toyota’s new engine export contract also increases production in São Bernardo

São Paulo – Expected in September, the start of the export of engines produced at the Toyota plant in Porto Feliz, SP, to the United States, will have a positive impact on another unit of the company, in São Bernardo do Campo, SP. That is where the components for these engines come from and, with the new demand, there will be an additional production of 20,000 parts per month.

Currently, 74,000 connecting rods and crankshafts are sent to Porto Feliz per month. In other words: there will be an increase of 27% in the current amount. According to the administrative director of the ABC Metalworkers Union, Wellington Damasceno, it is equivalent to an extra day of work at the plant: “At first the impact is small, but it brings the opportunity to do extra work”.

The member said that, for now, although the utilization of the factory’s installed capacity is almost total, hiring is not considered: Toyota has already informed its workers that it will manage the additional production with the existing workforce. Forge, the industry responsible for these things, is already working in three shifts.

However, the news brings comfort, assessed Damasceno. Since September 2020, when it was announced the relocation of Toyota’s administrative headquarters to Sorocaba, SP, and the expanded Research Center – which was jointly created by the Japanese team, in 2018, the first prototype of a hybrid with a variable combustion engine – and the Visitor Center , Toyota’s museum in Brazil, the unit has seen a gradual decline in the number of workers moving around there. The workforce, then 1,700 employees, increased to the current 580 due to transfers and POS, which worried the organization about the continuation of manufacturing operations.

The unit, on the other hand, has a difference that was maintained: that of the shipping platform. Of the 441,100 pieces produced there every month, 367,100 are exported, which means 83.2% of the total.

“Although the São Bernardo plant played an important role, especially during the crisis, by continuing to export connecting rods and crankshafts for models made in the United States, which helped to balance the income, we do not know what the plans of the automaker are for this plant. . So the news this brings us hope and signs of the continuation of the operation.”

Wellington Damascene

About the plans of the ABC Paulista division, the president of Toyota do Brasil, Rafael Chang, told. Automatic date that first of all it is important to remember that it was the first of the car manufacturer outside of Japan, and that the company is now working on planning investments for the future, since the year 2021 the cycle of R $ 6 billion was completed in Sorocaba.

“Each of our business units has a role in our operations. The one in Sorocaba makes Yaris, Etios and Corolla Cross, the one in Indaiatuba makes the Corolla sedan, the one in Porto Feliz makes engines and the one in São Bernardo makes parts, for models made in Brazil and of Hilux and SW4. that we produce in Argentina. And we export parts of models made in the United States.”

Chang said that nothing has been defined at this time, referring to the new contributions, and that initially the domestic operation will be analyzed as a whole, and not by unit:

“We believe in the Brazilian market and our plans are always based on the medium and long term”.

Rafael Chang, president of Toyota do Brasil